There’s something endlessly seductive about wine. The vibrant, sultry shades are ideal for an interior color palette. If your goal is to create a sophisticated space, why not model it after the most sophisticated beverage? Whether you’re practically a sommelier or you simply love the deep burgundy of a good cabernet, anyone can create a wine-infused color scheme. No matter if you’re a fan of a fruity red or a dry white, you’ll fall in love with wine-inspired wall art and décor.

Wine-Inspired Wall Art

This technique is for the ultimate wine aficionado. The most literal way to use wine as design inspiration is to decorate with wine itself! Let your wine be the center of attention, and use earthy neutrals as your base. Hang vintage bottles as wall décor, and choose a wine-inspired canvas print. Opt for a traditional-style print to match your vintage bottles, and mesh the old and the new with contemporary finishes. Plus, you can't go wrong with hints of wine-inspired red kitchen decor.

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Pencil Wine III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Cabernet Maroon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine with a delicious, deep red hue. Inspired by notes of currants and black cherry, Cabernet is the perfect color inspiration for a moody interior. Pair maroon velvet textiles with delicate rose gold details. Focus on incorporating versions of burgundy throughout your space. Make the Cabernet-inspired tones pop against bright white walls. Navy blue and charcoal also make for dramatic accent colors.

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Ruffled Tulips Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Pinot Noir Red

A lighter red wine with notes of fresh strawberries, Pinot Noir is the perfect color for the modern romantic. This shade of red has a hint of pink, making it the ideal balance between delicate and bold. Paint an accent wall in this cool red, and pair it with muted grape hues. Mix both modern and vintage furniture to create a lighthearted, eclectic vibe. Use touches of gold to achieve a luxurious look.

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Wine-Inspired Color Palette

Syrah Purple

Get inspired by one of the deepest reds around, sultry Syrah. Originally made from the black grapes of southeastern France, Syrah often has spicy notes of black pepper. This red wine is so dark it appears almost purple. For a Syrah-infused space, utilize deep, muted purples with a hint of red. Use neutral tones like grey and charcoal to soften the overall look. Purple is a hot color for 2021, so there’s no better time to incorporate this stunning shade.

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Violet Learning From The Past Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Sauvignon Blanc Green

While Sauvignon Blanc is technically a white wine, it often pours as a stunning pale green. If you prefer a lighter, more-versatile look, this color is super subtle and easy to incorporate with your current décor. This yellow-green hue is also perfect for prepping your home for Spring. Use a Sauv-Blanc style shade in your kitchen or dining space for a fresh new look. Complement this pastel green with light wooden details. Add houseplants as accessories for a truly organic look. You can also apply this same design philosophy for a soft green bedroom idea. 

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Wine-Inspired Color Palette

Every Hour is Happy Hour

A wine-inspired color palette can instantly transform any room. These refined hues are full of personality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer a chilled summer wine or a tannin-heavy red, all shades of wine can serve as excellent inspo for interior décor. Tap into your inner sommelier with wine wall art, or take a subtler approach with a wine-colored piece of furniture. From the Napa Valley to the South of France, a wine-infused color palette can conjure up imagery from the most romantic places on earth.

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