Traditional, pastel kitchens can look outdated. These days, it’s all about moody modernism. Throw out the classic concepts of soft green and baby blue cooking spaces, and embrace dark kitchens with character. Get your home ready to host post-pandemic dinner parties, and give your kitchen a contemporary twist.  Don’t be intimidated by the idea of matte black and dark wood! These trends will wow your guests and instantly transform your space. Explore modern kitchen wall art and daring paint color ideas for your kitchen.

Chic Carbon Black

If you’re going to make a change, make it a bold one! Jump straight into the deep end with matte black cabinetry. The matte finish will make the carbon color stand out even more, and it will prevent your space from looking tacky. Save the shine for your countertops, which should look like a sleek, reflective pool. For something wholly unique, go for a wooden backsplash for an earthy twist. Use light grey tiles for a gentle contrast to the darkness. If you're not ready to redo your entire kitchen in jet black, explore black canvas painting ideas for a touch of depth. 

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Dark kitchen ideas

Contemporary Café

Steal inspiration from your local hip and trendy café! Coffee shops are notorious for radiating modernism, so what better space on which to base your modern kitchen? Choose dark grey or taupe countertops with a sleek finish, and add a brick mural to your back wall. Hang a vintage-meets-contemporary piece of wall art in the center of your space, and experiment with industrial-style lighting. Add dark grey barstools to create a casual vibe, and don’t be afraid to mix both warm and cool neutrals.

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Today's Coffee I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

It’s Time for Wine

There’s nothing more seductive than the deep shade of a rich, red wine! Steal inspiration from saturated grapes and vibrant vino, and play with maroon leather furniture around your kitchen table. Mix different shades of natural wood, and hang a wine-inspired print as your artistic focal point. Walking into your culinary space should feel like you’ve just taken a sip of a full-bodied cabernet.

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Purple Grapes Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Bold like a Brewery

If your personality is more casual than fine wine, take a cue from a craft beer brewery! Another ultra-hip venue, breweries have a distinct industrial charm. Turn your kitchen into a loft-inspired space with unfinished wood details and black hardware. Work with exposed cabinets that showcase your kitchenware rather than hiding it. Make sure your space is well lit to counteract the dark details. For an edgy finishing touch, add a chalkboard-style patent print that details the brewing process

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Beer Patent Compilation BW Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Hint of Color

If you don’t want to go overboard with black painting and décor, consider a colorful alternative. Deep shades like eggplant, ruby, and azure can have a similar dramatic effect without being devoid of color. The matte finish will give a similar contemporary effect without looking gothic. Try dark green countertops for a unique take on the dark kitchen trend. For hardware, try adding a splash of contrast with a warm metal like bronze, gold, or copper. Avoid too much clutter that could compete with this stylish look.

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Dark kitchen decor ideas

Kitchen Wall Decor & More

It’s time to make a change in your culinary sanctuary. Swap your bright white cabinets for something more dynamic. Experiment with dark, matte colors throughout your cooking space. Fill your kitchen with dramatic details, and don’t be afraid to take risks. From a café-inspired kitchen, to a wine-washed space, there are endless ways to give your kitchen a modern makeover.

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