Nothing screams “luxury” quite like marble. Originally used in opulent classic architecture, this sleek stone has risen in popularity in recent years in the name of modernism. Marble is an excellent example of designers turning something lavish into something clean and contemporary. This stone oozes wealth, and it’s undeniably beautiful to look at. Marble comes in a variety of shades and patterns, which makes it easily adaptable to any existing décor. From marble wall art to chic countertops, there are endless ways to incorporate marble into your interior.

Contemporary Kitchen

Marble countertops have been all the rage in recent years. This is the perfect material if you want your space to look both expensive and clean. Ideal for homeowners who want to combine visual indulgence and minimalism, marble is the best of both worlds. Spruce up your kitchen island with a glossy marble surface, or renovate your backsplash with sparkling white stone. Light marble is most popular in cooking spaces due to its ability to brighten the room. Marble is also highly durable and easy to clean – win, win!

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Decorating with marble

Marble Bedroom Ideas

For a more unexpected take on marble décor, bring it to the bedroom! Marble side tables can give your space a contemporary look, and they can be paired with practically any color palette. If you don’t want to purchase new furniture, consider a marble painting. This will give the illusion of a marble surface with significantly less expense. Wall art is an excellent marble bedroom idea for designers on a budget who want to hop on the stone-inspired trend.

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Streaked Marble Stone Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Modern Dining Room

Marble works beautifully in a formal dining room. If you’re looking to splurge, you can’t go wrong with a massive marble dining table. For a less-expensive option, you can roll marble-style contact paper over your existing surface. If you’re happy with your dining table the way it is, hang a piece of marble wall art in the center of your room. A neutral color palette works best with marble décor, and you should incorporate metallic tones like silver and gold to complement the stony details. In addition, feel free to experiment with modern lines and shapes throughout your space.

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Black And Gold Marble Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Sleek Bathroom

For the ultimate spa-like experience, a marble bathroom is a must. Nothing will make you feel fancier than getting ready in the morning with a chic, marble backdrop. Cover your wall in water-resistant marble wallpaper, or install real marble countertops. No matter how you decide to incorporate marble into your luxurious bathroom, it will undoubtedly make you feel like royalty. Make sure your bathroom is well lit to highlight the stunning marble details, and give your stone an extra glow.

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Decorating with marble

Luxurious Living Room

Who doesn’t want a living room that feels both modern and glamorous? Hang a piece of wall art that combines a marbled look with contemporary geometric designs. Pull from the colors within your new art piece to decorate the rest of your space. Use other luxurious finishes like leather and velvet throughout your space. You can also opt for a modern marble coffee table to complete the look.

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Art Deco Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Marble Decor

Not only is marble stunning, but it is incomparably versatile. You can use it in any room of the house, and it will instantly elevate whichever space you choose. Go for the classic marble countertops, or hang a marble painting. You can’t go wrong with marble details, especially if you’re looking to maximize elegance within your home.

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