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When we start decorating our home, our living room tops the list of the rooms. It can be a bit challenging to make this space appealing and harmonious. You have to think about the walls, furnishing, décor accents, paint colors, wall art, and much more.
To save you time, money, and efforts, we have rounded up some of the easiest, quickest, and cost-effective ways to beautify your living room.
Whether you are planning a complete overhaul or a quick change, spice up your favorite room with these pro tips.

Streamlined Shelves

Keeping things clean and simple creates an inspiring space. Since the living room is the most visited space in your home, it's important to hide the clutter. If you have open shelves, make sure the items are neatly organized and create a cohesive look. You can even combine open and closed storage shelves. Drawers and built-in cabinets provide plenty of storage, but an entire wall of storage cabinetry may look overpowering. So break it up using open shelves in the center.
Another excellent way for shelves in living rooms is to use your windows as the central element. Utilize the wall space on both sides of the window by turning it into an appealing storage space by installing shelves.

Shelves living room

Comfy Seating

The living room is meant to be a beautiful place for entertaining and relaxing with your near and dear ones. So make sure you choose comfortable and stylish seating for this room.
Choose a loveseat or comfy sofa with thin arms and a low back. Such a profile makes the space feel visually light. Lend an airy feel to your small living space with a sofa that is on legs to create a spacious look. Choose leathers or fabrics printed in neutral hues and solid patterns.

comfy sofa living room

Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Add drama to your living space by choosing art pieces and create a tight grid of photographs and art pieces on the wall.
You have many options when it comes to creating a gallery wall in your living room. You can mix artwork and paintings, use chic fairy lights to display your favorite photographs or add texture with an exotic collection. You can also choose, for instance, a wine barrels multi panel canvas wall art to create a stunning focal point in your living space.

Wine Barrels Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Playful Lighting

Though lighting has less practicality in the living room when compared to utilitarian rooms like kitchens, lighting in living rooms plays a significant role in setting our mood. The most important lights in this room are ambient, task, and accent lights. Choose an appropriate light source. Consider recessed lights, table lamps, wall sconces, and chandeliers. You can add decorative accent lamps to highlight décor and furniture in the room.

 lighting living room

Work in Some Wood

Wood takes center stage when we talk about texture. This top material brings warmth and coziness to living rooms. It makes your space feel inviting and personalized.
You can consider side tables, sofa legs, carved artwork, movable stools, etc. when it comes to adding a wooden touch to your living area. In fact, you can have an entire wooden wall as the accent wall in your living room. Be thoughtful with texture, pattern, and style of the wood with this option.

Grand Canyon At Sunset Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Wrapping Up

Mix & match any of these ideas to add some character and visual interest to your room! But remember to be playful and creative, there are no rules.

We hope that with some simple touches you'd fall in love with your newly-design living room.



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