Interior in Blue: Coastal Living Room Ideas

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop coastal dreaming! A nautical-inspired interior can be enjoyed all year long. There are infinite variations of sea blue to complement a wide range of styles and color palettes. Turn your living room into a breezy oasis with ocean-infused décor and wall art. Explore a wide range of coastal living room ideas, and implement your favorite aquatic tips and tricks! This classic theme will never go out of style.

Sky Blue

There’s nothing quite like a clear sky while sailing through the ocean waves. Take a cue from this striking sky blue, and add it to your living space! This hue will match almost any existing décor. Plus, the best part about this stunning shade is that you can’t use enough of it! While sky blue is undoubtedly vibrant, it is light enough to be incorporated throughout your space. Paint an accent wall in a light blue shade, and add a blue/grey sofa to soften the overall appearance. To complete the look, place a few sky-blue pillows on your cozy couch.

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Coastal home decor ideas

Seafoam Green

While seafoam green is not technically blue, it is right on the cusp of blue and green. Seafoam green is softer than aqua, and bluer than mint. Find a piece of wall art that uses seafoam green in combination with a neutral tone for a sophisticated look. Find furnishings in shades like beige and sand for a beach-inspired interior with a classy twist. As a finishing touch, add pillows and throws in both cool and warm tones like seafoam green, baby blue, and soft yellow.

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If you’re in search of a shade that’s bluer and brighter than seafoam, look no further! Aquamarine is for bold designers who want to make a statement. You can still make this vivid hue look refined with a few simple tips and tricks. First, choose one statement piece to display in the center of your room. This can be a piece of multi-panel wall art, or a daring piece of furniture. Then, decorate around your focal point with muted colors like slate and true grey. This will give your playful space a modern touch.

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Striking Cerulean

A true blue that elevates rather than distracts, you can’t go wrong with cerulean. Cerulean is the perfect medium blue. This shade is ideal if you want to try out the monochromatic trend, as it won’t overwhelm your space. Cerulean is calming without being boring, which makes it the perfect hue to experiment with ocean decor for your living room. As long as you keep your walls white, along with adding white and ivory details, feel free to incorporate cerulean practically anywhere.

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Navy Blue

Sometimes you have to go with a classic. Nothing screams “nautical” quite like navy blue. Navy blue is so widely used, it’s practically considered a neutral shade. This shade is deep and dramatic without looking overpowering. If you’re brave and happen to have an abundance of natural light, you can even use this moody hue on the walls! For a subtler look, choose a lighter blue as a base tone and use navy as an accent. Hang blue and white wall art to capitalize on the nautical theme.

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Coastal home decor ideas

Nautical Living Room Décor

Take inspiration from classic sailboats and upscale yacht clubs to create a refined nautical space. Explore a wide range of blue hues, and choose your favorite seaside shade. Looking for more beach themed decor for your living room? We offer thousands of wall art options for every living space. From photorealistic beach prints, to blue-toned abstract paintings, a coastal-inspired interior is easy to achieve.

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