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Minimalism has been popular for a while now, but it’s time to make room for a more dynamic trend! Introducing, maximalism! A flashy opposition to minimalism, maximalism decor is all about celebrating what you love, and allowing yourself to display the items that mean the most to you. Forget sophisticated neutrals and play around with vibrant hues! We’ve taken our interiors too seriously for too long. It’s time to let loose and have some fun! Paint your room in that bright orange shade you always loved, and cover your walls in your favorite flamboyant patterns. From bold wall art to quirky collectibles, maximalism is about listening to your heart over your head.

Cool Collectibles

A maximalist home should reflect everything you love. Don’t hide your worldly treasures, show them off! Hang floating shelves and fill them with your favorite antiques. Purchase a vintage display case and set your precious items in plain view. Whether you collect first edition books or sterling silverware, your prized possessions will make for an excellent conversation piece. Don’t be afraid to crowd your shelving units, as overlapping items can add to the eclectic charm.

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Maximalism home decor trend

Crazy Colors

If you’ve never been a fan of grey and beige, we have good news for you! Maximalism home decor embraces bright, unexpected colors. Don’t worry about incorporating exclusively matching hues, just use the shades that bring you joy! If you’ve always dreamed about a fuchsia and lemon color scheme, go for it. Looking for maximalist bedroom ideas? Reflect on the colors that make you feel happy, and build your room around these tones. Whether through wall art or other décor details, there are plenty of opportunities to tie together your colors of choice for a touch of cohesion. For example, this eye-popping print includes every color you could dream of:

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Endearing Abstract Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Tons of Texture

Beyond creating a multicolored dreamscape, you can also experiment with layering textures. Reject plain white walls and sparse furniture. Opt for a striking combination of your favorite textiles. Pair a velvet sofa with a cable knit throw, and a geometric rug with a furry ottoman. You want your space to feel as unique as it looks. Textures are especially essential when it comes to maximalist bedroom decor. Don’t worry about going overboard, as you can always fine-tune your space once you’ve filled it with a plethora of exciting textures. A maximalist interior is about not holding back. Turn the unusual into the norm.

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maximalism home decor ideas

Patterns Galore

Funky patterns are essential for the ultimate maximalist home. If you love the shabby-chic look, experiment with patterns like paisley and lace. If modernism is more your vibe, play with geometric patterns and line-based designs. Set your space apart by the varied mix of patterns throughout your home. Wallpaper is an excellent way to make a bold statement with repetitive patterns. If you’re not sure about covering your entire wall, give the patterned look a try with striking wall art.

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Traditional Moroccan Mosaic Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

An Artistic Touch

There’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to adding art. Maximalist homes are notorious for their diverse gallery walls and array of artwork. Hang family photos next to your favorite prints. Fill an entire wall with framed and unframed artwork. The only rule is: leave no empty space! You want your chosen wall to be filled from top to bottom with prints that make you smile. From sweet memories to prominent prints, mix and match to your hearts content. If you need a head start, select one of our curated canvas sets and build your gallery wall around the selection!

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Warm Tones Canvas Set Wall Art

Maximalism Decor & More

Maximalism decor is on its way to becoming the top trend of 2021. Since most of us are stuck at home, it’s high time we create a space that makes us happy. Rather than pulling back, let yourself run wild with your favorite décor trends. Maximalism decor doesn’t just look beautiful, it feels freeing when singular styles can feel stifling. There’s no need to pick one theme when you can have them all!

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