Walls are the foundation of interior design. Your bedroom walls should look lively and wholly individual. The goal when designing a sleeping space is to create a serene environment with personal touches. Your bedroom should feel like you. If your personality is big and bold, paint an accent wall in your favorite vibrant shade. If you prefer a more traditional style, go for a classic piece of wall art to hang just above the bed. From colors to textures to daring décor, it’s time to experiment with your bedroom walls and discover adornments that work for you.

Solid and Bold

Solid colors and color-blocking are all the rage for 2021. Pick a single, vivid color and commit! Cover an entire wall in bold hues like teal, tangerine, or lemon yellow. This trend is for those who want to make a statement with a single wall. If your layout isn’t suitable for an entire accent wall, choose a piece of large wall art in a solid, vibrant color. This will give your room a focal point without looking chaotic.

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A Magnificent Mural

Another bold choice is to paint a wall with a scenic mural. From beach scenes to mountainous landscapes, turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with a wall-to-wall painting. Hire a fine artist, or try your own hand at painting! Stick to lighter shades in case you need to correct any mistakes. Explore more forgiving hues like grey, baby blue, peach, and mint. Not only do pastels look pretty, but they blend effortlessly into each other.

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Bedroom wall decor ideas

Tons of Texture

Looking to add a little texture to your bedroom wall? Hang a colorful tapestry! This will have a similar effect to a mural, without the cleanup. It’s an excellent choice for rentals, as all you need is a piece of fabric and a few tacks. If you don’t want to cover your whole wall with fabric, go for a vintage macramé wall hanging. For a subtler effect, you can also opt for a piece of wall art that gives the illusion of a three-dimensional textile.

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Wallpaper to Wow

Wallpaper is making a comeback in a huge way. Decorators are ditching old-fashioned, delicate patterns and going for photo-realistic statement pieces. Whether you choose a larger-than-life floral peel-and-stick, or you go for a faux-brick wall, wallpaper can make your bedroom pop like nothing else. Wallpaper can also give the illusion of room separation. Paste your wallpaper behind your bed, or create a seating area in front of your newly decorated wall.

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Bedroom wall decor ideas

Work it with Wall Art

Hesitant about commitment? If you’re someone who changes styles every five minutes, wall art is excellent for your ever-changing personality! Wall art is totally temporary, so you can switch it out to fit your mood. Choose an ultra-vivid piece of art to start with, and you can always swap it for something subtle later on. 2021 is all about taking chances when it comes to décor, so the bolder the better! Tap into your artistic side with a piece of contemporary abstract art.

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Take Time to Reflect

Working with a smaller space? Add a mirror! Large mirrors give the illusion that your space is twice its actual size. If you really want to make a statement, install a mirror wall-to-wall. If you’d rather test out the trend, you can easily hang a full-body mirror for a more understated effect. The frame of the mirror determines the theme of your room. A gold, ornate mirror makes for a perfect Parisian-inspired interior, whereas a frameless mirror looks sleek and modern.

Wall Accent Ideas – Summarized

Choose your favorite wall accent idea, and start transforming your sleeping space. Your bedroom should feel like a personalized sanctuary, which means wall décor is essential! Look forward to crashing in your curated room after a long day, and don’t be afraid to try different trends until you find the one that feels the most like you!

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