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Pop art is one of the hottest trends for 2023. This retro style is taking over this year’s top interiors. Designers have predicted pop art as an essential addition to every modern home. From your living room to your sleeping space, discover the power of an eye-popping piece of wall art. Pop art is all about being loud, proud, and playful with your decor. If you’re looking for a timeless addition to your interior, pop art is the perfect option. For a vintage splash of color that won’t go out of style, consider a pop art-style print. Our designers have handpicked their top picks for pop art ideas for 2023. Choose the wall art that best fits your unique space and personal taste.

Cheeky Typography Pop Art Ideas

Comedic typography was a huge trend in 2022, and this year it’s getting a pop art makeover. Choose a tongue-in-cheek print with eye-catching colors. Don’t be afraid to choose something a little irreverent. Self-aware humor makes a great conversation piece! Hang your typography print in your living or dining room for maximum visibility. For an ultra-modern touch, go with a multi-panel unframed canvas print. Our two-piece and three-piece canvas prints are flying off the shelves. Play with contrasting warm and cool tones in your print for a dynamic look.

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Andy Warhol Pop Art Ideas

Andy Warhol is known as the king of the pop art movement. His work is recognizable across the globe, and his style has been emulated by countless modern artists. We saw Andy Warhol-inspired pieces popping up all over designer interiors near the end of 2022, and that was just a sign of the trends to come. While minimalism was in style throughout 2021 and the beginning of 2022, as we move into 2023 maximalism is having a major moment. However, maximalism doesn’t mean throwing refinement out the window. An Andy Warhol-inspired print is the perfect way to add a splash of color and visual interest while keeping your space sophisticated. It’s the best of both worlds!

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Music Pop Art Decor Ideas

Pop art typically includes the subject of pop culture. What better way to celebrate your favorite musical artist than with a piece of wall art? Choose a pop art-style print that depicts your top singer, songwriter, or band. If you’re a music lover, pop art is the perfect way to show off your favorite genre. Embrace the street art-inspired look that includes vibrant colors and visible texture. Display your music pop art print in a personal space like your bedroom or home office, or go with something more public like your guest bathroom or dining space.

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Film Pop Art Bedroom Ideas

Another media-inspired piece of pop art is an artistic interpretation of a film scene! Choose a print that showcases a scene from your favorite movie or franchise. Fellow film buffs will be obsessed with this creative take on cinematic wall art. Rather than a typical movie poster, opt for a canvas print influenced by pop art. This is a much more artistic, unconventional decor option. Hang your pop art film print in your bedroom to act as creative inspiration every day. For a contemporary look, choose a square canvas rather than a traditional rectangle.

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Comic Easy Pop Art Ideas

Perhaps the most recognizable pop art is comic book-inspired pop art. The entire style was originally inspired by graphic novels. Choose a groovy pop art print of your favorite super hero for an on-trend addition to your home. Make a statement in your space with a brightly-colored piece of art that depicts a scene or character from your top comic book. Fans of DC and Marvel will love this retro take on current comics. We have an entire Warner Brothers licensed collection for you to browse! You’ll find plenty of pop art-style pieces as well as some photorealistic prints.

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More Ideas for Pop Art Interiors

There are endless pop art ideas to explore. It would be impossible to cover our entire pop art collection in a single post. Explore our article that expands on Andy Warhol wall art, and then visit our blog for more tips and tricks. Get ahead of 2023 trends and fill your home with pieces that have been handpicked by design experts. Pop art is a stunning way to upgrade your space on a budget. Give your home a vivid touch of color and retro charm with pop art wall decor. This iconic style is ideal for any room in your home.

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