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When it comes to choosing a theme for your interior décor, it is important to pick a style that reflects your personality and your passion.

If you're obsessed with all things music, why not consider décor ideas tailored toward music lovers? We’ve summed up the best ways to incorporate your love for music into your home.

Whether you’re a singer, musician, or a self-proclaimed groupie, these ideas will help you showcase your love for the perfect melody. So, let’s get started! 

Vinyl Record Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Rugs with Rhythm

Area rugs are a timeless trend in the world of décor. They’re a super easy way to brighten up a room with texture and volume. You can even find rugs with unique, music-themed prints and patterns. Try a rug with an image of a vinyl record, or a piano keyboard. These funky rugs will convey your dream theme, and add a charming touch. You can also find some record-inspired wall art to match!

In addition to the living room, you can use an area rug to cozy-up the bedroom. Let your inner music-lover be inspired every time you enter your space. Your creative side will thank you!

Music-Inspired Wall Art

Hanging some music-themed wall art is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this artsy aesthetic. Fortunately, there are tons of vibrant pieces inspired by music.

You can find tons of music-centric wall art pieces in a variety of styles and color-combos. Choose the artwork that best suits your personality and overall vibe. You can also seek out wall art of your favorite musical artist.

Jazz Saxophone Player Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Try decorating your walls with band posters and concert memorabilia! From music notes to album covers, choose an art piece that best complements your aesthetic and existing home décor.

If you’re lucky enough to get tons of natural light, you might want to offset the bright sunlight with some darker surrounding décor. Consider this modern digital Bob Marley canvas wall art:

Digital Bob Marley canvas wall art

Musical Lamps

If you’re looking for a piece of décor that is both simple and visually impactful, try a decorative lamp! Lamps can change the entire ambience of a space, and add some visible dimension.

They’re suitable for any room and you can even find lighting that is music-themed. Nowadays, you can easily uncover décor that goes with any theme, including table lamps that resemble standing microphones. Plus, we've seen lamp shades that look like sheet music, and even some guitar-shaped lamp stands.

You can find a lamp that works with every color scheme, so why not find one that helps convert your space into a musical sanctuary?

Music in the Windows

Looking for some cool DIY ideas? Your windows are a great place to start! Use wall decals of music notes to frame your windows, or get some black and white curtains that resemble a piano. You can also get shades that have music printed right on the fabric! If you have some unused CDs lying around, try hanging them on a string and creating a shiny, DIY beaded-curtain. Don’t forget, Pinterest boards are a great place to source sustainable, music-themed décor ideas.

You can cover the wall around your window with some unused sheet music to create a stunning collage!

Funky Furnishings

When it comes to furniture, there are numerous styles, designs, and colors to choose from. Furniture is a great way to show off your musical style and flair for creativity.

Imagine sipping coffee on an artsy sofa, feet up on the piano bench, reading your vintage Rolling Stones. Your days will get so much brighter the second you commit to weaving your passion throughout your home.

One of the main focal points in every home is the coffee table. Cover your coffee table in music memorabilia books and vintage records.

In addition to what goes on top of the table, you can find furniture that is actually shaped like musical instruments. There are guitar-shaped coffee tables and side tables that resemble drums. Place a piano bench opposite of the couch for added seating. The possibilities are endless!

If you don’t want to purchase all new furniture, you can just cover your existing pieces in throws with musical prints. Even a small change can make a huge difference in your interior. 

Red Piano Key Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Bonus Tips

The best way to showcase your love for music is to display your beautiful instruments! Your guests will immediately be captivated by the surrounding musical accessories. Instead of storing your guitars and violins in cases, try hanging them as wall art. Your entire interior should reflect your passion, so don’t be afraid to place your instruments where everyone can see them.



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