As this year comes to an end, it’s time to start prepping your home for 2021! The results are in, and 2021 design trends favor a whole new range of shades. Create a brand-new color palette in your living space with wall art, furniture, and paint colors.

2021 is all about putting a twist on neutrals. Go for tide pool green, champagne-tinted taupe, true mulberry, and calming lavender. This guide is all you need to prepare your living room for the year ahead.

Totally Taupe

Grey and brown never go out of style – so why not combine these two contemporary hues? Taupe is the perfect middle ground between soft smoke and muted tan. It’s warmer than grey but cooler than brown. This also allows you to decorate with both brown and grey by simply tying the two colors together with taupe. 2021 has coined a variant of taupe called “cool-toned champagne”.

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Walking Down the Street Neutral Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Hint of Rose

Pink doesn’t have to overwhelm your space. Play with soothing shades of mauvey rose and quartz pink. If you’re looking for something more playful, consider a retro Jaipur pink that brings some fun without going overboard. Incorporate a peachy piece of wall art that provides a touch of classic femininity.

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Lovely Lilac

In a similar vein, pastel shades of purple are making a prominent appearance in 2021 decor predictions. Lilac is a hue to watch out for this coming year, primarily due to its versatility. A more vibrant alternative to grey, this soft purple color is soothing and ethereal. For an easy way to modernize your interior, browse our art paintings for your living room in lavender-inspired shades.

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Moody Magenta

Blend the pink and purple trend with a vivid berry tone: magenta! Soft fuchsia, mulberry, and magenta are ultra-contemporary shades, perfect for refreshing your living space. You can choose muted or vivid variations of this pink/purple combo, depending on your existing décor.

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Painting ideas 2021

Lemon Merengue

Take inspiration from a delicious lemon cream pie with this scrumptious trend. Warmer than lemon yellow and paler than gold, this buttery hue is absolutely irresistible. Yellow will brighten your mood as well as your living room, and this yellow frosting-infused color is no exception. This color is comforting and exciting at the same time.

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Painting ideas 2021

True Blue

There are endless variations of the color blue, but there is one shade that remains timeless. Classic blue is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a bold color that’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser. This is a solid, medium blue that works with everything from primary colors to pastels. Get the color block look by combining this true blue shade with other bold colors, or use it as an accent shade.

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Aquamarine Floral on Cream Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Marine Green

Add a hint of teal to a deep green and you get a trendy tidepool color. Inspired by seafoam but veering towards jade, this shade is suitable for any existing interior aesthetic. It can swing both retro or contemporary, which makes it the perfect color to try if your home is built in a specific architectural style. Looking for the perfect living room canvas painting in marine green? Browse our extensive green collection.

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Succulent Florals Crop Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Living Room Wall Painting Ideas

2020 will be over before you know it, so it’s time to get your interior transformation started! Your living room is the center of your home, so give it a little extra attention when it comes to design. 2021 is primed to introduce a lot of exciting shades, and there’s no better time to take a chance on a new color palette.

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