Our Top 6 Trending Wall Art Prints

Are you looking to refresh your space with trendy wall art? YES!
What about finding inspiration for your home decor? By all means!
Wall art is important because it sets the mood of your space, adds a finishing touch, and works as a piece of inspiration. 
No matter what your home design is, the following are our top six trending wall art prints that suit every home style in 2020. 

Bring in Peace with Celestial Buddha Wall Art

Bring more peace and happiness into your home with our Buddha wall art print. Home is the place where our soul rests, and therefore a Buddha print can be a great addition to every home! Buddha wall arts are a symbol of innocence and are also known as a shield against negative energy. Further, the Buddha wall art fits every home style, be it a minimalist, industrial, modern, or contemporary.

Celestial Buddha Canvas Wall Art

Add Sparkles with Sparkling Abstract Multi Panel Art

Abstract wall art is always a winner! No matter the style of your existing decor, abstract art always blends in seamlessly. Especially our Sparkling Abstract piece, thanks to its neutral tones that add visual interest without overwhelming the entire space. This wonderful wall art is sure to add charm as well as a little magic. Don't you just LOVE sparkles? We sure do!

Sparkling Abstract Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Gain Confidence With Guardian Angel Wall Art

Wall art of a Guardian Angel with wings is a great piece of décor for any home style. It boosts your confidence while making your space look more beautiful. Also, it showcases your belief in religion and faith. The Guardian Angel wall art will look fantastic against a white wall or even a dark gray wall. All in all, this trending art piece fits best in the light as well as dark home interior. You can hang it in your family room, bedroom, or in the dining area.

Guardian Angel Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Pineapple Canvas Print for Exotic Vibes

With an increasing demand for latest home décor items, fruit canvas prints are in trend, especially for decorating the kitchen space. The Pineapple canvas set in three pieces will look amazing in every room! 
You can hang these wall art pieces on an empty wall in your cooking area, dining room, or in a trendy living room. Plus, this wall art with golden pineapple and black & white background fits any color palette! 

discount wall art sale

Pineapple Passion Canvas Set Wall Art

On-Trend Pastels: Pastel Ocean Wall Art

Pastel shades are on-trend, especially this spring. And as the weather is getting warmer, it is exactly the right time to welcome not only trendy shades but also the fresh ocean breeze. Luckily, we have one piece that features both! Our Pastel Ocean wall art is the perfect piece for good vibes and the feeling of happy days ahead. 

Pastel Ocean Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Welcome Spring with Spring Nectar Wall Art

Flowers and birds are early heralds of spring! Just imagine how sweet this Spring Nectar will look in your home, just as if spring itself had just come in. This lovely piece of art will add charm, whimsy, and vibrancy to your space. We absolutely adore this beautiful painting by Lisa Audit, and obviously, you too! This canvas print is one of our most trending pieces. 

Spring Nectar III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Canvas paintings or wall art prints have become popular over the last few years, and people love to include them in their home décor. If you are planning to update your interior with trending home decor, then wall art prints are a great choice.
Next to soft furnishings, our trending wall art prints will complete your room and make it look more beautiful than ever.







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