Line drawings are popping up all over modern homes. Designers and homeowners have fallen in love with the stunning simplicity of line art. Perfectly minimalist and full of character, line drawings are all about doing more with less. Hop on this hip trend and see what line art can do for your interior. Once you’ve decided to go the line drawing route, the next step is choosing the best décor to complement your contemporary piece. While the beauty of line art lies in its versatility and adaptability, there are some color schemes that maximize their impact. Explore the five best color schemes to pair with your line wall art.

Blush & Mauve

Soft, pink-toned shades like blush and mauve give a slightly feminine touch while still looking modern. These dusty-rose style shades are hot for 2021, and they are suitable for any style of interior. These colors lie somewhere in between warm and cool, which makes them easily adaptable to any existing décor. They will make your line drawings pop while giving the room a subtle splash of color.

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Minimalist Wall Art


Warm Neutrals

For those who are looking for a more natural aesthetic, line art pairs spectacularly well with warm neutral shades. Add a variety of wooden details, and pull from the brown and beige tones. Play with lighter hues like cream, tan, and taupe. The black lines will be the focus of your room, and your space will radiate organic modernism. If you want to add a pop of color, consider a leafy houseplant. The vibrant green addition will brighten your space while maintaining a natural look.

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Line Art Minimalism

Lavender & Grey

Another pastel favorite for 2021, lilac and lavender are trendier than ever. Integrate these soft purple shades with true grey tones. This cool color palette is modern without looking cold. Light purple is a universally flattering shade, and grey will make your space look effortlessly contemporary. The line art will complement the pastel shades with a pop of striking black and white. If you’re in search of a contemporary color palette with cool undertones, consider combining your canvas-based line drawing with lilac and grey.

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Teal & Mint

Green and blue are lovely earth-inspired colors to pair with line art. However, if you want your interior to really stand out, swap classic green and blue for more striking teal-toned variations. Use blue/green hybrids like aqua and mint for an eye-popping look. These colors will give your space a youthful touch and match the playful attitude of the quirky line drawings. For an interior that appears put-together without looking bland, colors like teal and mint are the ideal solution.

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Minimalist Art Ideas

Rust & Red

Straying even further away from the pastel family, this technique is for the bold. Use rich, warm tones like rust orange and fiery red for a look with plenty of depth. These daring, warm hues will make your space look cozy and eye-catching at the same time. The rust undertones still give these colors an earthy vibe, which makes them the perfect accompaniment to a simple piece of line art.

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Minimalist Line Drawing

Line Wall Art and Beyond

Now that you have a solid grasp on what makes line art look its best, it’s time to find your perfect piece! From empowering female-centric art, to a simple botanical sketch, there are endless themes to choose from. While line art may seem simple, a single (line) picture can say a thousand words. Whether you choose to combine it with soft, muted tones like mauve and blush, or you want to surround it with statement shades like red and orange, there’s no wrong way to incorporate line art in your space. 

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