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Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore! Our coloring canvases are a fun activity for the whole family. When choosing décor for your home, why not display a masterpiece of your own? These canvases were made to be painted by you.

Coloring isn’t just fun, it’s also therapeutic. Fill in the ornate outlines printed on the canvas with the colors of your choice. These “coloring canvases” are a great way to personalize your color palette, and ensure visual cohesion.

Read on if you’re obsessed with all things DIY!

What is a “Coloring Canvas?”

Coloring canvases are high-quality, white canvases complete with black ink outlines. They are mounted onto a solid, durable frame to provide a comfortable, smooth surface for painting.

Coloring canvas

The canvas is delivered straight to you, ready to fill with vivid colors. Once you’ve finished painting your canvas, you can hang it practically anywhere using the provided hardware.

The Perfect Paint

Once you have your canvas in hand, the next step is picking the perfect paint! Before stopping by your local arts and crafts store, there are a few types of paint that work best.

The best kinds of paint for our coloring canvases include:

Classic Acrylic

Acrylic paint is popular for a reason. It’s easy to use and it dries super-fast! That means you can hang your colorful creation even sooner.

All you need is paint and a palette knife. Thicker varieties of acrylic paint work best for canvas projects, so stay away from the thinner options. If you’re simply filling in the lines, a thick paint will give the most control and best color payoff. 

Coloring canvas

Timeless Oil Paint

Oil paints have been a top choice for canvas painting due to their thick, viscous texture. Oil is also an excellent choice because it doesn’t fade over time, so your work of art will stay looking as fresh as the day you painted it.

Whether you choose a traditional oil paint or one that is water-soluble, both brushes and palette knifes are sufficient. If you’re just painting one of our coloring canvases, other tools and oil pigment bars won’t be necessary.

oil paints coloring canvas

Tempting Tempera

Made by mixing pigment with water-soluble binders, tempera paints are a less ideal choice for your new coloring canvas. It’s possible to use tempera with the right amount of skill, but its runny texture can easily drip and bleed into unwanted sections. It also may fade on the canvas over time.

If you want the best long-term results, stick to acrylic or oil.

A No-Go for Latex

Although latex paint can be used on a primed canvas, we don’t recommend it for our coloring canvases.

Fun fact: Picasso himself used house paints to create some of his most renowned pieces! However, we wouldn’t suggest latex for these purposes due to their questionable longevity. Unlike Picasso, your coloring canvas probably won’t be preserved by restoration specialists, and you don’t want your hard work to go to waste! Why not pass down your personalized artwork for generations to come?

Walk Away from Watercolor

Make sure you avoid watercolors altogether. Watercolors are difficult to apply to a canvas, and they dry irregularly. They also fade extremely quickly.

Summer Floral Love Canvas Wall Art

Get the Most Out of Your Canvas

After receiving your coloring canvas, you’re going to want to set up your painting space. Do you prefer easels, or the tabletop? Do you like your canvas to stand straight up or at an angle? Where do you feel most creative? These are all questions to ask yourself before putting the paintbrush to paper (or canvas, in this case.)

Once you’ve gathered your supplies and chosen your desired paint, it’s time to choose brushes! Paint brushes are not one-size-fits-all. For our coloring canvases, you need a brush with stiff bristles that will work with thick acrylic or oil paint. These brushes hold up much better than delicate brushes intended for watercolor or other lightweight mediums. 

Paint brushes coloring canvas

Next, you’re going to want to choose your medium substance. This is a solution that you mix with your acrylic or oil paint. It helps regulate the shine, texture, thickness, and drying time. Plus, it makes your piece look even more dynamic.

Finally, you’re going to want your canvas to dry in a safe place. Set it on a non-greasy surface covered in newsprint or scrap paper.

Butterfly Flock Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Colorful Conclusion

You don’t need to be a professional painter to enjoy experimenting with a coloring canvas. All you need is a flair for the creative and a little imagination! Our coloring canvases are a great group activity, or a soothing solo project.

Set up your makeshift art studio and order a coloring canvas today! Personalize your interior and have fun in the process.



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