Imagination vs. Reality: Ben Heine

In his artistic world, reality and imagination are blended, drawing and photography are mixed together, as he plays with colors and grayscale alike.

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Brilliant artist Ben Heine was born in 1983 in Ivory Coast and is currently living in Belgium. This multidisciplinary wiz has taught himself drawing, photography and music. He is best known for his original series “Pencil Vs Camera“, “Digital Circlism” and “Flesh and Acrylic“. His artworks were exhibited in countless fairs and galleries in Belgium, Hong Kong, South Korea, the US, and more.

We asked him a few questions to get a glimpse into his world!

What inspires you most as an artist?

"Nature around me, people, and movies are a source of inspiration."

When did you begin creating?

"I started at a young age, at around 11 y/o." 

Do you have a favorite creation?

"Not really, my favorite work is always the one I'm working on at a given moment." 

What is your life motto? 

"Things that are planned for tomorrow can be done today."

If you weren't an artist, what would you be instead?

"Probably a journalist." 

Check out his stunning collection right here.

Digital Marilyn Monroe Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Ben HeineBen Heine wall art

Two Seasons Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Ben HeineBen Heine wall art

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