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What does Mid-century modern really mean, and how does the contemporary interpretation of the style differ from the original period of design? “Mid-mod” décor has recently become a popular catchphrase. It’s easy to become captivated by the juxtaposition of the sophisticated lines and contrasting materials. The beauty of Mid-mod lies in its easy, breezy, freedom. Mid-century interiors struck the perfect balance between fun and mature. Optimal comfort and functionality was mixed with visual interest to create the ideal combination. Between the ease of achievability and the lack of seriousness, it’s easy to see why Mid-century modern has stood the test of time.

Wall art is a major player when it comes to perfecting the ultimate Mid-mod space. Reference this guide to help you choose vintage wall decor that will elevate your retro-inspired interior.

Shades of the Past

Mid-century designers were not afraid of color. Although the contemporary interpretation of Mid-mod is primarily focused on neutral tones, the original aesthetic incorporated bright, surrealistic hues. Pastel pinks were paired with teals, and oranges were paired with just about everything! Anything warm and cheerful was used to liberate the world of interior design and add a revolutionary touch of playfulness. Flamboyance was unapologetically celebrated, and the masculine lines of the Mid-century were directly contrasted by the feminine shades. When selecting retro wall art, seek out pastel hues that pop.

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Mid-Century Interior Ideas

Mid-century Minimalism

The Mid-century is proof that bright colors and aesthetic minimalism can go hand in hand. The modern idea of minimalism conjures up ideas of bland colors and empty rooms. From the 1950s to the 1960s, minimalism didn’t necessarily mean sacrificing fun for functionality. It meant sticking to clean lines, simple furniture, and avoiding ornate excess. Instead, the focus was on bright shades, statement pieces, and the sleek composition of the space. Furniture was low to the ground, there was a slightly futuristic vibe that permeated the home. Open floor plans allow for more light, air, and focus on what really matters – family and community.

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With recent advancements in both science and weapons of mass destruction, Mid-century design reflected the fear and excitement over modern technology. Household televisions became the norm, families used microwave ovens to prepare dinner, and the atomic bomb was a new and intimidating threat. The space age-esque style can be observed in retro television programming (re: The Jetsons, Lost in Space, Star Trek) and it was also popular in home décor. Shapes like boomerangs and spheres were used repeatedly, and talk about the upcoming moon landing fueled the fascination with the future. Mimic this retro-futuristic style by hanging a vintage NASA poster in your living space.

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Mod Memorabilia

There are endless Mid-century style furnishings available today, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. While not all of us are lucky enough to have the means to fill our entire home with authentic vintage wall art and accessories, a few retro details can go a long way. Choose a 1960s arc lamp, or a replicated retro sound system. For smaller vintage pieces, opt for a satellite-style wall clock, or hang a print of a vintage photograph.

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Vintage Wall Art & More

Whether you want to transform your entire space into a Mid-century modern haven, or you just need a few vintage bedroom ideas, wall art can help you complete your interior. Find the perfect piece of vintage wall art, and explore eye-catching colors and minimalistic shapes. When you incorporate Mid-century design elements, your space can look put together with very little effort. The Mid-century look is a timeless aesthetic anyone can achieve, and it will remain stylish for many years to come.

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