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An artist with a focus on cultural celebration and spiritual connection, Jo Walsh is immediately recognizable. With an overwhelming aura of tranquility and the ability to make neutrals look daring and dynamic, Walsh has perfected her signature style.

Jo Walsh Canvas Wall Art

Meet Our Artist of the Month!

A lover of gothic art and surrealism, Jo Walsh has combined moody mixed-media with her passion for showcasing marginalized groups. Her fascination with the Indigenous American People and their philosophy on the human spirit led her to pursue a diploma in the Akashic Records from the International Alliance of Holistic Therapies. This unique connection with ancient theology and the natural world is evident in her work.

We spoke to Walsh about her unique source of inspiration, and what continuously drives her to create.

Individual Inspiration

It’s difficult to imagine a combination of Indigenous American art and fantastical surrealism, but Jo Walsh combines the two styles flawlessly. With a color palette rooted in dark fantasy, and subject matter that defies typical expectations, Walsh takes individualism to a whole new level.

“I have recently become very interested in the past and present lives and culture of the Indigenous American Peoples and am currently creating a body of work inspired by them. I am researching the history of the First Nations People and the terrible way they have been, and still are treated.”

Beyond the mysticism of Indigenous American symbols, she is also heavily influenced by English novelists such as Bram Stoker and Emily Bronte. Pulling inspiration from captivating artists like the legendary Hieronymus Bosch and modern surrealist Mark Ryden, there is no doubt that Walsh’s art is designed to make you feel.Jo Walsh canvas prints

Style versus Subject

One of Walsh’s most iconic techniques is combining natural subject-matter with an edgy style. Textured brushstrokes and dark-colored backgrounds serve as the foundation for her emotional pieces.

While the themes may be dark, the artwork is still vibrant and almost celebratory. By using classic influences and a contemporary technique Walsh assures an unforgettable presence.

Art in All Forms

Not limited to one method or material, Walsh is proficient in everything from pastels to Photoshop. It is no easy feat to excel at both digital and physical art, but Walsh is an expert in creative curation.

In addition to being a gifted painter, she is passionate about both collage and clay-based artwork. Her philosophy incorporates the idea that each topic requires different materials to properly showcase the subject.

Jo Walsh canvas wall art

A Historic Journey

Not only does Walsh experiment with all kinds of multimedia, but she also uses vintage photography to carefully create her historic prints. Walsh’s “Tribal Spirit” collection is crafted using public domain photographs from the late 1800s and beyond.

“I feel that I am helping to bring these records of past lives back to life and I hope you find something to interest and excite you in my art as much as I have found in creating it.”

-Jo Walsh

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Jo Walsh canvas wall art



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