The 5 Best Ways to Embrace Olive Green Décor

Olive green lies somewhere in between a neutral and a jewel tone. This warm, medium green is trendier than ever, and it’s popping up all over homes in 2021. Not quite sage and not quite chartreuse, olive green is both blendable and inspiring. Give your space a modern makeover that will stand the test of time with olive décor. Experiment with olive-toned wall art and furniture for a sensible and stylish look. This shade is subdued without being subtle, making it the perfect base for any space.

Olive All Over

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the olive pool, why not submerge your entire interior? Go bold with olive green paint on your walls. This will create a moody atmosphere that still resembles natural decor. Choose furniture in a similar dark green shade with pillows and textiles to match. Use matte green and black metallic accents, and choose one pastel as a pop of color. A few ideas for hues that will provide a stunning contrast are baby pink, lilac, and peach.

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Olive Green Décor

Organic Meets Modern

Opt for modern furniture in an olive tone. This will create a stunning combo of contemporary and organic. The color is earthy in nature, which makes it a great way to balance natural decor and trendy aesthetic. Hang a piece of wall art that uses olive green among other neutrals like cream, tan, and beige. Let your olive furniture be the focus of the room and decorate with predominantly light colors. Add another touch of nature with live houseplants and lush greenery.

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A Pop of Olive

If you’re a minimalist at heart, you can still hop on the olive-tinted train. Keep your interior white and bright and use olive as an organic accent. Olive green will make a striking pop of color against a black and white base. Your space can maintain its sophisticated ambience with a splash of olive green. Hang a piece of olive-colored wall art with an abstract, nature-inspired print. Add deep green glass details like vases and modern translucent objects.

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Contemporary Cool

Another way to use olive is to paint an accent wall. For a more modern look, go with a muted olive shade. This is an excellent choice for areas where you want to promote a sense of serenity and calm. Add hints of warmth with accent colors like yellow, orange, and brown. Play with luxurious fabrics and finishes like velvet, cashmere, and gold. Olive green makes a space look even more refined while simultaneously adding a pop of color.

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Olive Green Décor

Traditionally Green

Traditional interiors can benefit from olive accents as well. Choose a floral-inspired print that includes deep green and blue hues. Let olive green act as a cool reprieve from a predominantly warm interior. Your olive décor should be cozy, simple, and inviting. Give your guests a sense of comfort with plush details and casual layering, and use the color olive to provide a splash of style.

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Olive Decor & More

Olive is hot for 2021, and it’s no secret why designers are obsessed with this deep shade of green. It is unmatched in both versatility and charm. There’s nothing more stunning than an interior with an olive green color palette. Your guests will immediately be struck by the rich tranquility radiating from your dark green décor. Whether you choose to add a full wash of olive green or simply a hint of this stylish shade, olive is a trend that’s sticking around.

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