Gone are the days when you had to commit to either a warm or cool color palette. 2021 is all about providing balance to your space by capitalizing on unexpected color combos. We’ve rounded up the top color pairings based on this year’s design trends. Browse our selection of wall art and décor in seven unique blends.

Coral and Blue-Grey

A soft coral is delightfully retro, but it can also be modernized with the addition of a light blue-grey. This pastel pink with a hint of orange is perfect for light, bright living spaces. Use white and ivory to make these light colors pop as much as possible. Create the perfect balance between fun and sophisticated with these two contrasting shades.

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Coral Hills Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Gold and Lilac

A soft, light purple works with a variety of interior aesthetics. Elevate this lilac hue by adding a hint of gold. The gilded details will add a touch of warmth and subtle opulence. Lavender can easily replace your standard neutrals, and gold can act as a striking accent color. These two colors are a match made in design heaven.

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Pink Marble Veins Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Green and Brown

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love this warm/cool color combo. Add splashes of bright green against natural wooden details. Houseplants can add a stunning pop of color while still maintaining an organic energy within your space. Brown is trendy for 2021, and green is always a foolproof choice for interior design.

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Best Warm and Cool Color Combos for Your Home

Peach and Teal

While peach and mint was a popular color combo for Mid-century interiors, 2021 has found a way to modernize this quirky look. Swap the retro mint for a contemporary teal! Peach will give your space a youthful appearance, whereas teal looks slightly more mature. These two tones together will look incomparably fun and fresh. If you’re looking for the perfect two color combinations for your living room, peach and teal are the ultimate pair.

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Best Warm and Cool Color Combos for Your Home

Magenta and Yellow

Bold designers won’t want to miss out on this vivid trend. If your goal is to create an interior that has never been seen before, this is the color combo for you. Vibrant magenta and dark yellow are both ultra-modern and visually striking. 2021 is all about embracing maximalism, and these two tones are ideal for an unapologetically eclectic space.

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Frozen Orchid Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Red and Purple

Keeping with the pop of purple trend, consider pairing grape-colored details with ruby red. This color scheme is for the homeowner who is looking for a moody take on the two-tone trend. Explore lush, velvet fabrics in dark purple and rich red hues. Swap out bright whites for softer shades like ivory and light grey. For a contemporary take on purple and red, experiment with mixing exposed brick and purple paint color combinations.

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Best Warm and Cool Color Combos for Your Home

Yellow and Grey

Last but certainly not least, we’d be remiss if we left out yellow and grey. Looking for wall colors that go with gray? Mellow yellow is undoubtedly the way to go. “Illuminating” yellow and soft grey are Pantone’s Colors of the Year, making this color combo perhaps the trendiest pairing of 2021. Paint your walls in a soft, sunny yellow and add furniture in a light charcoal shade. Opt for a piece of wall art that combines the two contemporary colors as a finishing touch.

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Abstract Expressionism Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Warm/Cool Painting & Room Ideas

If you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your interior, consider changing up your color palette with wall art. Combining warm and cool tones can breathe new life into your home. Find the perfect balance of color with these seven stylish blends. Whether you crave a space that is soft and sophisticated or cheery and bright, there’s no better time to transform your décor.

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