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Farmhouse style homes are both trendy and timeless. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade the look of your interior while ensuring that it never goes out of style, farmhouse décor is an excellent option. This theme can refresh practically any space, and it seamlessly blends the old and the new. There are tons of easy ways to execute this versatile aesthetic.

We created this guide for homeowners who are intrigued by farmhouse design, but don’t quite know where to start. You don’t need to be a professional designer to achieve a beautiful farmhouse style interior. These tips and tricks are all you need to look like a pro!

Pastel Painted Walls

The easiest place to start is the walls. All surrounding walls should be light in color, either painted in neutral tones or covered in pastel wallpaper. This keeps your space looking light, airy, and fresh.

Newly painted walls make all the difference when upgrading your interior. Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! Visually, the difference is striking. We have plenty of farmhouse wall art to complement your pretty pastels.

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Fix those Fixtures

Replace your fixtures with stylish new lighting. Look for brushed metal to achieve ultimate rustic elegance. From steampunk fixtures to pendant lights, there are plenty of ways to tailor farmhouse design to your personal style. Make sure you consider the fixtures in every room of the house for a subtly cohesive look.

Choosing rustic sconces and dramatic lighting will make your new interior look like night and day (pun intended.) To tie together the new fixtures, take a look at your cabinets and cupboards and pick out knobs and handles to match.

Don’t Fear Exposure

Don’t be afraid to show of your knicks and knacks! Farmhouse design allows for a little more leeway when it comes to displaying personal belongings. This is definitely not a minimalist aesthetic, and that’s the beauty of farmhouse décor.

Rather than hiding your memorabilia and nostalgic treasures, place them proudly on exposed shelving units. Hang shelves on any empty wall and fill them with anything your heart desires. The possibilities are endless.

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Gorgeous Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is another classically vintage element that’s easy to modernize. Take the traditional French concept and use distressed wooden frames to achieve shabby-chic perfection. Once you have your farmhouse style frames, that’s when the fun starts! You can fill them with everything from family photos to contemporary artwork.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes. The eclecticism is what makes this concept work so well with farmhouse décor!

Worldly Wall Art

If you’re looking for the perfect art piece to fill an empty wall, one of our favorite accessories for a rustic interior is a framed vintage map. These make a space look expensive, while still sticking to the shabby-chic theme.

Vintage maps are also notoriously neutral-toned, which means they can match pretty much any existing décor!

Wooden World Map Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Flower Power

Farmhouse décor is all about blending natural elements with the indoors. Freshly cut flowers are a sophisticated way to bring the outdoors in.

The best way to add fresh flowers to your new theme is to find a vase that looks farmhouse-chic. Look for a vase that is gold or bronze, particularly matte or unpolished. This provides an excellent contrast to the picture-perfect flowers.

A few of our favorite flowers for farmhouse décor include lavender, olive branches, or pastel peonies. If live plants aren’t your thing, you can also achieve the same look with some beautiful flowers wall art:

Lysandra And Lavenders Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Farmhouse Furnishings

Your best bet when curating a farmhouse interior is to look for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. There are tons of great deals on lightly-loved furniture at your local flea market. From plaid couches to rustic bar stools, you want to find furniture that looks and feels like it’s from an earlier time.

If you can’t make it to your local swap meet, there are lots of vintage imitation pieces for sale online. (We promise we won’t spill that they aren’t authentic!)

A Countryside Conclusion

Get ready for your coziest interior yet with these farmhouse décor ideas. Home is where the heart is, and implementing farmhouse decor is the perfect way to show your love for home sweet home. Embrace rustic details and make shabby-chic your new favorite catchphrase. Farmhouse décor has never been trendier.

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