Decorating with wood is by no means a new trend, but there are countless ways to modernize this classic material. Different finishes have gone in and out of style throughout the years, so it’s important to identify wooden trends that will stand the test of time. Stay on the forefront of wood-based styles, and make sure your home is up-to-date. Discover the best colors, finishes, and compositions when it comes to incorporating wood. Explore wood wall art and décor to match your newly natural space.

Dining Area

Mixing woods is key when it comes to creating a contemporary dining room. Choose a light wood table for a casual look, and avoid a glossy finish to prevent your space from looking dated. Mix and match different dining chairs to create a more modern environment. Add pops of muted colors like dusty rose and sage green. Make sure you have an equal balance of dark and light tones for optimal visual dimension.

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Fall Foliage Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Wooden countertops are coming back in style! Butcher block countertops are the perfect mix of chic and cozy. Pair this versatile wooden base with white cabinets for a stunning contrast. Add matte black hardware for a contemporary touch. A striking backsplash can also add color and texture to your cooking space. If you really want to commit to the wood look, replace your backsplash with light wooden beams. Use exposed shelving units for a more rustic twist.

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The Complete Guide to Wooden Decor


Bedroom décor is all about comfort. A low bed will create a more natura-looking space, and make your room feel more open and airy. Use a simple, unfinished wooden headboard for a laid-back look. Choose bedding in cool neutrals like grey and white to make the wood the center of attention. Hang a neutral painting above your bed to tie together the warm and cool neutral shades.

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Warm Winter Light III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Living Space

Light woods are popping up throughout living rooms this year. We’re swapping moody mahogany and cool grey for middle-of-the-road, taupe-toned woods. Look for furniture that’s not too warm and not too cool. The cool undertones will make your space look contemporary, while the beige wash will make it look trendy for 2021. While monochromatic living rooms ar having a moment, it’s about embracing subtle variation between wood pieces rather than having pieces that are stained the exact same color.

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Who needs tile when you have wood? Wood is becoming more and more popular as an aesthetic choice for bathrooms in spite of the historic aversion to wood in damp spaces. Don’t fret over wood being too susceptible to moisture, as all you need is a good sealant and a properly ventilated space! You can also apply a layer of tar paper underneath the wood for extra protection. If you’re still not keen on using wood in your shower or bathing area, use it as an accent wall above your vanity, and look for organic wood countertops.

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The Complete Guide to Wooden Decor

Pro Tips: Wood, Wall Art, and Beyond

Celebrated interior designer Yoko Chow shares her top tips for decorating with wood.

“With biophilia, we now know the benefits of incorporating natural elements in our living space. Wood has been utilized at almost every part of architectural history [due to] its flexibility. For thousands of years, it has been [used] for trim, ceilings, walls, furniture, and [more].

So, how can you add more natural wood into your space? If you’re not up for installing wooden flooring, try wooden panels for an accent wall, or reface cabinet doors with a wood finish. If you [want] to add just a bit more natural wood, then installing wooden floating shelves or reframing your wall art with wood may be a [better] solution.”

For her final tip, she recommends pairing wood details with natural greenery for a stylish contrast.

“Of course, you can always add more indoor plants in combination with wood accents. Not only will this add visual interest, but it also improves your air quality in addition to several mental health benefits.”

Wooden Decor & More

Wood can be used in any room of the house. Whether you live in a log cabin, or you just want to add a touch of wood to your contemporary space, there are plenty of diverse options. Wooden decor is incredibly versatile and transformative, making it an ideal addition to any interior. Choose your favorite wall decor ideas with wood and instantly elevate your home. 

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