The Pantone Color of the Year - Revealed!

Each year, Pantone determines the trendiest colors in the world of design. After careful consideration and extensive research, Pantone tracks the trends of shades across all artistic media, and predicts the hues that will be used in décor, marketing, and more. 2022 is all about new hope and new beginnings. That’s why Pantone is pairing a cool-toned, contemporary gray with an ultra-vibrant, sunny yellow. The long-anticipated colors of 2022 are 13-0647 “Illuminating,” and 17-5104 “Ultimate Gray,” respectively. From wall art to furniture, get a head start on these soon-to-be-everywhere shades, and learn how you can incorporate them into your current interior!

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Yellow Era Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Bold Bathroom

Look forward to your morning routine with a bold, bright bathroom. Gray is no stranger to the modern bathroom, but this year it’s getting a luminous makeover. Keep the contemporary gray tones throughout your bathroom, but add some pops of “Illuminating” yellow. Add yellow tiles, or paint an accent wall. Choose warm, sunny towels to contrast the stainless steel. The gray will keep your space looking clean and classy, whereas the yellow will reinvigorate your space. Yellow and gray bathroom décor combines the best of traditional and modern design.

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Grey yellow bathroom ideas

A Lively Living Room

The living room has an infinite number of possible ways to incorporate yellow and gray. It’s the most visible room in your home, which makes it the perfect place to try out this new trend. Originally popularized in the Mid-century, a classic gray sofa will never go out of style. Add golden yellow pillows and throws as vibrant accessories. Combine the yellow and gray details with hints of natural wood to maximize visible warmth. These grey and yellow living room ideas are both refreshing and refined.

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Abstract Expressionism Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Bright Bedroom

Let’s talk about the most personal room in your home – the bedroom. The benefits of adding yellow and gray go beyond aesthetics. When it comes to color psychology, gray is known to promote balance and neutrality. It’s an excellent color to keep you grounded and well-rested.  Yellow, on the other hand, counteracts this stable shade. “Illuminating” yellow is stimulating, and keeps you on your toes. Yellow décor should be avoided in excess in the bedroom due to its exhilarating energy. Choose a balanced piece of yellow and grey wall art, and add diluted versions of 13-0647 to your bedding.

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Sunshine Garden Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Daring Dining Room

Though typically a formal space, your dining room doesn’t have to be stiff and sterile. Grey will keep your space looking sophisticated, while yellow will breathe new life into your interior.  Fill a vase full of yellow roses, and add a gray table runner. Stick to silver details and dishware, and opt for a vibrant piece of yellow wall art for chic contrast.

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Rain Abstract II Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Kitchen with Charisma

Yellow kitchens were all the rage from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, and for good reason! Your cooking space should be light, bright, and invigorating. The cool gray puts a contemporary twist on this retro look, while still retaining the classic cheerful energy. Dare to be bold with bright yellow cabinets, and keep your walls a modern, foggy gray. Select a buttery yellow kitchen table to soften the silver. Add hints of greenery throughout your kitchen to maintain a natural vibe.

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Grey yellow kitchen ideas

A Pro Explains

Yoko Chow, of Yoko Chow Design LLC, shares her insight on Pantone's color selection. 

"Understandably, 2022’s colors are a reflection of the on-going phenomenon - fortitude facing the pandemic. The combination of Illuminating (yellow) and Ultimate Gray may give you a very contemporary impression, but it [can be traditional as well.] You can certainly design concrete flooring with a modern yellow leather sofa, but you can also pair an existing light gray sofa with a piece of wall art which includes the Illuminating shade."

She cautions against the overuse of yellow, and highlights the importance of balancing it with grey.

"While yellow is known to enhance one’s creativity and attention, having a vast area enveloped in yellow may cause an inability to focus since it is such an attention-grabbing color. Balance is the key!"

Yellow and Gray Wall Art & More!

From grey living room accessories, to a Pantone-approved kitchen, the colors of the year will bring an upbeat sophistication to any space. Repaint your entire interior, or pick one piece of wall art with yellow and grey accents. A modish combination of practicality and vibrancy, Pantone has picked two undeniably iconic shades. Ring in the new year with an uplifting color palette that will surely stand the test of time.

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