2021 has introduced plenty of new trends to try, but none so bold as the comeback of patterns! From wallpaper to textiles, this year is all about finding the perfect pattern decor for your interior. Patterns are a fun and easy way to change up your space, and they’re a foolproof way to pack a visual punch. Explore our ultimate guide to patterned wall art and additional bold décor.

Funky Floral

“Grandmillennial” is 2021’s hottest new trend. Bring back your grandmother’s old floral curtains, because this ultra-feminine theme is all the rage. Inspired by granny’s frilly décor, add a shabby-chic touch to your interior. Modernize floral patterns with a splash of Millennial Pink, and use refurbished vintage furniture to complete the look.

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Go Geometric

If “modern” is your middle name, you can’t get more contemporary than geometric theme. Opt for a cube-shaped pattern against a bright white wall. Add gold details to optimize the luxurious look, and keep your décor minimal so the focus stays on your geometric print.

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70s Inspired

2021 is bringing back the 1970s in a big way. This funky decade is full of vibrant patterns and sunny shades. Unapologetically jovial, the 70s were all about warmth and excess. Look for floral pattern decor in citrus-inspired hues like tangerine and lime. Add a groovy kitchen backsplash with wallpaper or tile for a radical retro vibe.

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Hottest Patterns for Décor

Retro Paisley

Speaking of the 70s, there’s another retro pattern making a comeback! Paisley is seeing a resurgence in the world of interior design, and it’s easy to see why. This vintage-inspired print adds a jovial touch without looking overbearing. Choose a paisley print in neutral colors, or commit to the retro fun and go for a vibrant shade like turquoise or teal. Pair your paisley pattern with velvet furniture to blend the vintage-meets-modern décor.

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Chic Chevron

Mimic the look of classic herringbone floors with a modern twist. Add a chevron-patterned rug to your living space for a funky (albeit sophisticated) touch. A black and white chevron rug can transform your living room in the blink of an eye. Pair this new addition with neutral, contemporary furniture.

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Hottest Patterns for Décor

Powerful Plaid

Plaid may scream “preppy” at first glance, but 2021 designers have found a way to make this pattern look soft and artistic. Use cool neutrals like white, grey, and charcoal to decorate your space, and choose unmatched furniture for a hint of creativity. Keep your colors minimal and your lines sleek to ensure a contemporary atmosphere. Your plaid pattern should be the center of attention in an effortless way.

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Deco Décor

The 1920s are frequently hailed as one of the best eras for interior design. From geometric shapes to gilded details, this sophisticated time period was simply magical. Add an art deco print to your living room, and accessorize with low, modern furniture. Velvet pairs nicely with the art deco look, as well as metallic accents.

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Pattern Decor & More

If your interior feels a little lackluster, consider adding patterns as a simple way to refresh your space. Whether you’re inspired by the chic 1920s or the funky 1970s, there’s a pattern for every interior aesthetic. From your kitchen to your living room, any space can benefit from the addition of a graphic print. Hop on the 2021 trend and discover your perfect pattern today!

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