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If you want your home to stand out, wall art is one of the easiest ways to give your living space a splash of personality. Not only will it give your interior a stylish touch, but the right piece can set the tone for your entire home. While there are endless wall art ideas to consider, we’re highlighting the most unique wall art. To create a one-of-a-kind space, you have to think out of the box when it comes to decor. These clever design ideas will instantly elevate your walls. If you’re looking for artwork that nobody else has, we’ve got you covered.

A Striking Set of Patterned Pieces

Rather than a single piece of wall art, consider a cohesive set. We have an entire collection of harmonizing art sets, with different designs that complement one another. One of our favorite styles for 2024 is tile-inspired wall decor. Take inspiration from the intricate Moroccan and Spanish designs. A set of ornate, tile-style art pieces is a great way to add visible texture to your space. The abstract designs will create a stimulating atmosphere that still feels classy.

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unique wall art ideas

A Contemporary Twist on a Classic

You can’t go wrong with fine art. However, classic artwork in a traditional frame can look too old-fashioned in a modern space. If you want to add a contemporary twist to a famous print, go for a floating canvas format. Rather than a framed print, the frame surrounds the canvas creating a floating effect. This trendy layout will make your print pop while still retaining a timeless look. Although a unique interior is important, you also want to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time. A classic piece of artwork in a floating canvas format is the best of both worlds.

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top unique wall art ideas

Oversized, Tapestry-Style Wall Art

If you really want to make a statement in your space, you have to go big. Oversized wall art will give your interior a whole new look with a single addition. To create a textural, dimensional look, consider a tapestry-inspired print. We offer several oversized wall pieces that mimic the look of intricate tapestries. They appear almost like fabric, but with a sleek and clean finish. Hang your tapestry-style piece on a large blank wall for optimal impact.

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best unique wall art ideas

A Modern, Single Line Poster Print

Single line, or continuous line, prints have been trending for their unique and minimalist look. The style emphasizes simplicity and elegance, conveying complex ideas with just a single stroke. This minimalist approach not only captivates the eye but also challenges the artist to convey depth and detail through the constraints of a singular, unbroken line. Combine this unique design with the most modern format of all: the poster print. Posters were popular in the 90s for their low-profile, low-maintenance look. This inexpensive format allows you to play with trends without commitment. You can swap out poster prints with the seasons or your ever-changing style.  

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unique wall art decor

A Multi-Panel Piece of Abstract Art

Another option that will stun onlookers is a multi-panel variation of a single image. Choose a bold, abstract piece of wall art for a strong statement. Our five-panel canvas prints are undeniably unique, giving your walls an eye-popping appearance. The center panel is the largest, and the remaining panels gradually get smaller towards the outside. This creates an almost three-dimensional appearance. A conceptual, complex image will add another layer of exceptional design.

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unique wall art decor ideas

Find Your Perfect Piece of Unique Wall Art

No matter which style of wall art you choose, make sure it represents you. Most importantly, a unique piece of wall art should reflect your distinct personality. When selecting your perfect print, go with your instinct. Even if others don’t share your initial vision, your walls should showcase your individuality. All in all, wall art is a great way to curate a space that feels like home. More than any other piece of decor, prints and fine art make the biggest visual difference. Browse our entire collection wall art and find a unique piece that speaks to you.

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