Use Classic Art to Create a Refined Interior

When it comes to home décor, trends come as quickly as they go. Styles change from one day to the next, and it can be exhausting trying to keep up with the ever-changing themes. One style you can always rely on is an interior inspired by classic art. From crown molding to timeless wall art, there are several ways to make sure your space always looks elegant and refined.

Polished Finishes

The quality of materials is essential when crafting a classic-inspired interior. Consider rich woods like oak, cherry, and mahogany. For countertops and flooring, use marble or polished ceramic. You want your space to look expensive from head to toe.

Soothing Shades

Maximize your use of soothing, neutral shades when selecting a classic color palette. Cream and beige will never go out of style, and pastels can be both subtle and striking. While you don’t need to have an entirely monochromatic interior, avoid colors that directly contrast one another. Stick to tonal variations and shades that lie next to each other on the color wheel. If you desperately want to incorporate more vibrant hues, you can add a soft pop of color. One foolproof combo is pale yellow and grey, as is evident in this stunning "The Starry Night" classic artwork:

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The Starry Night Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Traditional Textiles

Fabrics like silk, satin, and brocade exude pure luxury. Swap your current curtains for heavy silk drapes with a soft sheen. If you really want to commit to the classic look, try installing vintage lambrequins. A brocade or velvet sofa will radiate refinement and add visible texture to your space. Complete the look with a handmade vintage rug.

Curated Furnishings

In addition to fabrics like silk and brocade, leather furniture has also stood the test of time. Look for furniture with tufted details and varnished wood. Pair your sophisticated furniture with an ornate mirror in a gilded frame. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a classic interior, so look for pieces that are functional as well as tasteful.

Attractive Antiques

What’s more classic than a gallery of antiques? Make your home into a museum by displaying your prized possessions. Create a case of treasures from your travels and make it a focal point. Hand a shelf of souvenirs and include vintage vases. This is your chance to incorporate tasteful eclecticism.

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Classic decor ideas

Bold Bedrooms

Beds are the centerpiece of a classic bedroom. Plus, nobody ever regretted getting a bigger bed! Choose a queen or king-size bed frame if you have the space, and make sure the headboard looks opulent. Add a bedside table on each side and a classic chest at the foot of the bed. Invest in a vintage armoire to keep your belongings. It will act as a decorative piece and keep your room clutter-free. Use satin sheets and a thick bedspread for a classy and comfortable experience.

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Classic Living Rooms Ideas

There are tons of classic living room ideas to solidify an air of sophistication. Typically the most spacious room, gold is the perfect color to weave throughout this integral space. From gilded chandeliers to gold-dipped standing lamps, there are plenty of traditional design opportunities. Hang classic paintings that incorporate hints of gold to tie in the metallic tones.

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Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Chic Kitchen Concepts

Your kitchen and dining area can go a variety of ways. As long as you stick to gold and bronze pulls and handles, your cabinet colors can range from mahogany to beige. Conceal your appliances behind faux cabinet doors to prevent a contemporary distraction. Choose an expansive dining table to host your sophisticated soirees. Use primarily neutrals in these essential rooms.

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Tuscan Evening Wine Crop Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Classic Conclusion

From classic living room ideas to beautiful bedrooms, there are countless ways to turn your home into a refined refuge. Remember to use expensive looking materials like marble and gold, and don’t be afraid to show off your classy keepsakes. An established interior has never been easier!

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