Bauhaus was one of the first introductions of true modernism to the world of design. Originating in Germany in 1919-1933, this stoic style is one of the most influential movements in art and architectural history. Defined by its clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimalist composition, Bauhaus was all about marrying functionality with aesthetic value. If you’re obsessed with all things minimalist and modern, the Bauhaus movement should be your guiding light. From primary-colored modern wall art to ultra-simple furnishings, these are the defining elements of a Bauhaus-style interior.

Utilitarian Beauty

Typical of German interiors, functionality is equally as important as the way a space looks. Each piece should have a specific purpose, and the practicality should be apparent. Bauhaus decor is particularly desirable in commercial spaces due to its ability to enhance focus and productivity. There should be nothing overly distracting, and it is crucial to value quality over quantity. Bauhaus is highly suitable for spaces like a home office or workspace.

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Bauhaus home decor ideas

Neutral Base

Although color is by no means off limits, Bauhaus interiors tend to have a neutral base. Combine shades of grey, black and off-white as the heart of your color palette. Splashes of color are permitted and even encouraged, as long as the majority of your décor is understated and neutral. Looking for modern living room ideas? Don’t be afraid to mix warm and cool tones, as modern Bauhaus design has given designers permission to add more tones like brown and beige.

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Primary Accents

The most common Bauhaus-approved accent colors are the three primary hues. Red, yellow, and blue pop up frequently throughout Bauhaus-style homes. This technique was popularized by renowned Russian artist and Bauhaus teacher, Wassily Kandinsky. He believed that the combination of these three shades held a specific psychological symbolism. He perceived blue as serious and calming whereas he thought that warm yellows and reds were eccentric and energizing.

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Geometric Details

Geometric patterns and designs were essential to the Bauhaus movement. Shapes like triangles, circles, and squares were used throughout Bauhaus-style spaces. Not only was the art geometrically inspired, but the furniture had strict shapes as well. Look for decor and furniture that has visible lines and defined shapes. Balance is also important when designing your Bauhaus space, so make sure to display an equal balance of different geometric details.

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Ultimate Minimalism

Bauhaus was one of the first movements to make minimalism appear luxurious. Prior to the Bauhaus movement, excess was equated with opulence and style. Bauhaus artists believed that style and simplicity should go hand in hand. By starting with a clean base, your furniture will stand out and the focus will be on your stunning décor. The benefit of minimalist art and decor is that it allows you to showcase each individual piece of furniture. Embrace empty space and statement pieces at the same time.

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Bauhaus home decor ideas

Modern Home Decor

If you thought the Mid-century spawned the rise of modern architecture and design, think again! Bauhaus existed decades before, and introduced many of the contemporary elements we’ve come to know and love. From minimalism to modern living room ideas, your interior doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be beautiful. Bauhaus is proof that there truly is beauty in simplicity. Although it is sparse, Bauhaus rejects the definition of industrial design. Rather, it is about marrying creativity and artistry with everyday living. Combine handmade pieces with a functional layout, and you’re on your way to a Bauhaus-approved home.

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