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Are you someone who spends hours browsing catalogs before settling on your perfect piece?

Maybe you’re the type of buyer who knows exactly what you want before browsing.

Are you an independent shopper, or do you consult others before making your purchase?

When it comes to purchasing art online, there’s no “right” way to shop. However, with endless design possibilities choosing your perfect wall art can be tricky.

That’s why our experts at ElephantStock are committed to understanding how consumers settle on their own unique pieces of art. 

Read on to discover how you can easily find your ideal wall art based on your buyer type!

Prepare to Shop

First, we have to determine how you approach your online shopping experience.

Are you...

1. The Relaxed Browser 

47% of our users prefer browsing through collections and combing through all of their options before making a final decision. Does that sound like you?

Check out our vast catalog! >>

shopping behavior browsing

2. The Trend-Seeker

7% of shoppers researched trending styles before making up their minds. Like the Browsers, these guys are also in search of ideas, but they are a little more focused on what they're looking for.

If you love to stay current and up-to-date with trends, we made a page of trending artwork just for you!

Explore trending artwork >>

Trending canvas wall art

3. The Inspired Shopper

13% of ElephantStock customers looked for inspiration online before coming to us to find their dream piece. Are you looking for a little artistic inspiration? Maybe our blog can help!

Visit the inspiration blog >>

4. The Confident Consumer

33% of our users reported that they knew EXACTLY what they were looking for before placing an order. They came, they saw, they ordered!

Using our advanced search engine, you can easily search for that piece you want.

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Consulting with Your Household

We asked users who live with family members and roommates if they consult their household before purchasing artwork for their home. 

Interestingly enough, we found discrepancies among different demographics!

Women consult less

44% of women stated that they make aesthetic decisions by themselves, whereas only 39% of men shopped independently.

shopping behavior consulting with household

It's a group effort for men...

48% of men work with the people they live with to select artwork together while 45% of women do the same.

...but the advice only goes so far!

13% of male users end up making the ultimate call after consulting with their housemates, but only 11% of women claim to have the final say. 

Typography canvas wall art

Find Artwork That Everyone Will Love!

Do you need to consult your family and friends before hanging your favorite piece?

As so many users love consulting with others (58% to be exact!), we just added new sharing options within our product pages to make it super easy to share your faves.

sharing feature product page

Happy Shopping!

At ElephantStock, we offer endless styles, colors, and layouts so you can truly bring your walls to life.

Whatever type of buyer you are, check out our extensive selection of
wall art pieces and get inspired!

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