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If you’re on social media, you’ll undoubtedly have seen the craze over AI-generated portraits. While art generated by artificial intelligence is by no means new, it has finally captivated the general public in a way it hadn’t before. Perhaps it’s due to the involvement of the ego, and people’s fascination with seeing their own image replicated in fine art. With this sudden and sweeping rise in popularity, it’s the perfect time to dive deeper into this robot-fueled phenomenon. Has your curiosity led you to try your luck with an artificially intelligent “artist”? As AI-generated art becomes more mainstream, we find it fascinating (and essential) to dive deeper into this radical advancement in creative technology. From the ethical issues to the worldwide excitement, we’re embarking on a mission to explore the pros and cons of AI-generated artwork.  


How to Print Your AI-Generated Art

First and foremost, we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight the awe-inspiring results of AI-generated art. Artificial Intelligence is able to source infinite images to create something completely personal and new. If you’ve fallen in love with an AI-generated piece, you’re not alone. It’s easy to be swept away by this spectacular advancement in both art and technology. If there’s an AI portrait you’re particularly fond of, why not turn it into wall art? We offer custom wall prints where you can upload any design you desire. Choose your favorite AI-portrait or AI-generated image and print your artwork in a wide variety of formats. From multi-panel canvases to formal framed art, the possibilities are endless.

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Is AI-Generated Art Ethical?

As AI-generated artwork takes over the modern art world, it isn’t without unavoidable controversies. This begs the question – is AI-generated art ethical? For example, artificial intelligence must source their images from somewhere. Oftentimes, AI is using a compilation of creative styles from artists online. Arguably, this could be regarded as a theft of intellectual property. The robot is not responsible for creating the art from scratch; it is only compiling images that already exist. The line is thin between being inspired by an artist’s style, and stealing the likeness of their work. It is almost impossible to regulate the appropriation of art in AI-generated images. Should we accept this as a necessary evil in the advancement of art and technology, or do we make an effort to control the effect?

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What Does AI Art Mean for the Future?

While the progression of this technology is unarguably exciting, it also forces us to look into the future of art itself. If computers can generate a seemingly “perfect” painting, will this make artists obsolete? One could argue that taking away the human component of creativity changes the definition of “art” all together. Can artificial intelligence evoke emotion the same way a human can? This discourse prompts us to question the very definition of art. If art is something that is simply visually pleasing, the perfection of AI will have the human hand beat. Others would argue that the disposable and instantaneous nature of AI-generated art gives it little to no value.

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AI-Generated Art Alternatives

If you’re on the fence about whether you want to indulge in AI-generated art, there are exciting alternatives. Digital art is not limited to artificial intelligence. There are endless digital artists with impressive portfolios of futuristic art. You can still achieve a dreamy, otherworldly look with your wall art by browsing digital art created by humans. One of our favorite artists with a similar aesthetic to AI art generators is Natalia Simongulashvili. Hailing from Tbilisi, Georgia, Natalia has won awards in several international digital art competitions. Her level of graphic design is unparalleled, and her work is truly unforgettable.

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If you want to support creatives across the globe, browse our artist collection. We collaborate with renowned and up-and-coming artists to give them a platform to sell their work. Even if you want to explore the beauty of AI-generated art, you can still simultaneously support human artists. The future of AI art is exciting and overwhelming, but all we can do is keep looking forward. While AI-generated art raises several questions regarding ethics and artistic integrity, it is also a fascinating advancement in modern technology. No one can say for sure where the art world is headed, but it is certainly somewhere new.

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