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When it comes to buying wall art online, you might think it is a challenging task!

After all, you need to spend some time finding the right wall art that matches your existing decor, the size of the wall, and exploring the endless possibilities.

That's exactly why we're constantly developing new tools allowing you to find that perfect piece of yours from thousands of inspiring artworks in no-time!

You Can Do It in Less than an Hour!

Following a recent customer survey we conducted, 92% indicated they were able to find their desired artwork easily and quickly. Plus, half of them completed the purchase in less than an hour!
Now, how easy is that?

Shopping behavior wall art


So to make it easier for you, we wanted to share with you our top 3 tools for navigating our online gallery and visualizing how the artwork would beautifully fit in your home.

Here’s How We Make It Easy for You to Find Your Artwork in No-Time!


Tool #1: Layout Filter

Did you know that we offer 17 different layouts on ElephantStock? Yes, we do!

We offer the biggest variety of shapes, layouts, and sizes in the industry, so you can truly find that one piece that you love. These shapes and layouts are your way to get a little crazy with your design and truly express your personal taste.

For your convenience, you can filter any collection by the type of layout, from a single canvas to multi-panel or even framed!

Layout filter

Find Your Favorite Layout >>


Tool #2: Color Filter

Colors make one of the biggest impacts when it comes to art and your interior. Colors affect your mood and the right shade can make you feel relaxed and other hues can fuel you with energy. 

So selecting the color of your artwork is super important.

Using our advanced color-recognition technology, you can filter any given result by your color preference to perfectly match your existing home decor color palette.

On any collection page, simply tap the filter icon and select your favorite shade! So easy, right?

Color filter

Find The Perfect Colors >>


Tool #3: Room Preview

So one of the biggest challenges is actually visualizing how the artwork would fit in your space. No worries!

For every piece, you can find a number of previews to help you image the total look of the space.

That way, whether you're planning to redecorate your living room or the dining room, you can get a better idea of how the artwork would blend in.

Room preview

Find Your Best Wall Art Match >>

We've Got More Tools!

Hey, this is not everything!

You can also filter by style (what's your thing? Zen? Rustic? We have it!), use our Size Guide, or shop according to your budget

Plus, we have some more amazing tools coming soon, so stay tuned!

Happy & easy shopping!



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