March 8 signifies a special day for women all over the world. It's a day to remember the wonderful achievements made by Women and call for equality.
This Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the amazing women we're collaborating with, to share their stories and put a spotlight on their art.

So let's meet some of the most inspiring women who make the stunning art on ElephantStock: 

Julia Purinton

An avid traveler, Julia Purinton, is one of the most talented fine artist and muralist. In her artwork, Julia infuses landscapes and cityscapes imprinted in her memories of childhood fairytales. Her inspiration largely comes from her travels to Washington DC and Vermont’s Mad River Valley.
Julia works in oils, Venetian plaster, acrylics, and glaze. Her soft brush-strokes and subtle colors make for dreamy paintings that awaken the wanderlust in you. 
Read her inspiring interview.

Birches in Spring Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Julia Purinton

Silvia Vassileva

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Silvia is inspired by her surroundings and the relationship she discovered among colors. She has lived in three different continents and now lives in sunny California. Her travel experiences are reflected in her artwork. Her inspiration comes from what she sees and the way she feels.
She paints cityscapes, landscapes, charming cherry blossoms, and abstracts as these are her favorite subject matters. She is mostly involved in acrylics and oils. Her style is free and bold which lets her come up with her unique masterpieces. Her paintings are featured numerous private and corporate collections of paintings.

Walking Down the Street Neutral Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Silvia Vassileva

Danhui Nai

Danhui Nai is an excellent artist known for her unique style of painting. She was born in mainland China to a sculptor father and painter mother. So he inherited her passion and interest for art from her creative parents. She has a natural passion for art.
She also received classical training and opened her California studio where she creates beautiful, on-trend art pieces in various media. She pursued interior design in Paris and New York. She also has working experience with Manhattan’s textile industry, where she kept up with her artistic development.
Her wonderful, illustrative artwork features gorgeous beaches, aesthetic floral, and charming landscapes.

Mandala in Blue I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Danhui Nai

Albena Hristova

Albena Hristova was born and raised in Bulgaria in an artist family. She started painting at the age of only four. Right after graduation, she started creating large murals. After that, she started working with canvas, oil, mixed media techniques.
She is a successful entrepreneur in the art publishing business. She travels all around the world and searches for inspiration from civilization and nature. Her paintings exude timelessness and elegance.

Vintage Red Wine Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Albena Hristova

Melanie Viola

The Berlin-based artist, Melanie Viola, is known for her urban landscape and the architectural lines. You will see splendid picturesquely active passages and modern color accents in her pictures, and also mega-cities and unspoiled beauty of nature. She explores opportunities for combining photography and art flawlessly. Her artwork is based on her own photographs. 

Modern NYC Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Melanie Viola

We hope these amazing artists will inspire you as much as they inspire us! 

Meet more wonderful artists right here!



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