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  • Susie Knopp
    Verified Buyer

    "I am in love with this print. It fills the space it was intended for and has the exact vibe I love! "

    Posted 7 months ago

  • Randy Westwood
    Verified Buyer

    "Happy with product. Real conversation piece"

    Posted 2 years ago

  • Stephanie Stanley
    Verified Buyer

    " I didn’t realize the sky has a pink hue. I didn’t like it at first because when I bought it I thought it was just black and white. However, it does look great and the more I look at it, the more I like it."

    Posted 3 years ago

  • Douglas Kerr
    Verified Buyer

    "My wife and I recently received and mounted our Forest Silhouette Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art from Elephantstock, and we couldn't be happier. It looks absolutely fantastic on our dining room wall."

    Posted 4 years ago

  • Jolie Hunter
    Verified Buyer

    "Okay, so I love haunted stuff and horror moviesand we bought this terrific canvas for our lower ground level. It looks amazing to us but not for the visitors:)"

    Posted 6 years ago

  • Alethea Oneill
    Verified Buyer

    "Great quality frame. The canvas looks good too."

    Posted 7 years ago

  • Alexia Whittle
    Verified Buyer

    "We returned it and got another one for our home . It started to give us a haunted feeling. :/"

    Posted 7 years ago

  • Algoma Humphrey
    Verified Buyer

    "It goes well with our modern dcor and our teenage daughter simply loves it."

    Posted 7 years ago

  • Aimie Skinner
    Verified Buyer

    "Looked mystic and ordered within 5 minutes of browsing the canvases. Good quality and looks great on our family room's wall."

    Posted 7 years ago

  • Aleen Muir
    Verified Buyer

    "We love nature and especially the nature that is mystic and mysterious. We ordered it immediately the moment we looked at it."

    Posted 7 years ago



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