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  • Terry Halverson
    Verified Buyer

    "After waiting excitedly for 20 days, I received my Rustic World Map. I was extremely disappointed because it doesn't look rustic and does not have the rich quality I was expecting based on reviews. It has a pink/peachy background which really clashed with my tan walls. I need to return it and need to find out how to do so. I need something with more red/gold/brown hues. Thank you, T. H."

    Posted 3 years ago

  • Vivienne Stanek
    Verified Buyer

    "This came when you said and packed carefully, the Rustic World map picture matched the decor and place where we hung it, very happy with the out come. I give it a 5 star. Thank you."

    Posted 4 years ago

  • Dario Moreno
    Verified Buyer

    Posted 5 years ago

  • Heartland Community Church
    Verified Buyer

    "Beautifully done"

    Posted 5 years ago

  • Eva Giverc
    Verified Buyer

    "This map is of great quality arrived packaged beautifully. The photo does not do it justice, it presents really nicely upon walking in the front door. I recommend the work and the company."

    Posted 6 years ago



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