World Map Wall Art

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Finding the perfect canvas print or piece of wall art can transform your entire interior. Discover our stunning World Map Wall Art Digital Art.
This high-quality, ready-to-hang piece of Vintage Vintage Map Digital Art comes in a wide variety of layouts. Browse sizes ranging from 12" X 8" to 65" X 42".
Explore adaptable arrangements to fit your unique space, including 3 Piece, 1 Piece, and Framed Canvas prints. Instantly create a daring, designer home.

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We make stunning wall art with your needs in mind.

  • Product reviews. Average rating on a five-point scale - 4.648648648648648. Based on 37 reviews. Reviews IO.
    • Angela Williamson
      Verified Buyer

      "It is beautiful, and very detailed! "

      Posted 1 year ago

    • Stephanie Sutterlin
      Verified Buyer

      "We ordered this in 3 large sections and it hangs in our home office. It's a great look for a room with warm, earth tones. Having the countries labelled makes this not only an attractive art piece but one you can actually use and learn from. We considered other world maps without labels and are very happy we chose this one instead."

      Posted 2 years ago

    • megan upton-ferro
      Verified Buyer

      "Perfect! Needed a larger piece to go over our bed. We looked at maps for a while. Finally, agreed on this one! Looks great, easy to hang beautiful colors!"

      Posted 2 years ago

    • Matthew Elie
      Verified Buyer

      "I decided to purchase the framed version of this canvas, and the canvas itself is fairly nice. However, the frame seems to be lacking quality. Upon receiving it, I noticed that the frame had chips in it at all four corners, revealing a grayish or graphite type color, which was a bit disappointing. Between a black furniture crayon and a black permanent marker, I was able to color in these areas so that they would not be all that noticeable to others. Even so however, it was still disappointing to receive this damaged in the slightest bit. Lastly, the Sawtooth frame hanger attached to the rear of the frame was not centered all that well. If I do purchase another piece of art from this site, I will likely just purchase the canvas itself, without the frame, and hope I have fewer issues."

      Posted 2 years ago

    • Lisa Heiden
      Verified Buyer

      "I was pleasantly surprised at the craftsmanship of these panels!"

      Posted 2 years ago

    • Gaye Reed
      Verified Buyer

      Posted 2 years ago

    • Elaine Lent
      Verified Buyer

      "The color is completely different than on the website......I would like someone to contact me about this."

      Posted 2 years ago

    • David Mowell
      Verified Buyer

      "Came in exactly as it was depicted on the website. The quality is very good, the colors are strong and the canvas and support structure is solid."

      Posted 2 years ago

    • Kristin Rhodes
      Verified Buyer

      Posted 2 years ago

    • Erica Jackson
      Verified Buyer

      Posted 2 years ago