Your living room is the most important room in your home. A gathering place for friends and family, give your living room the upgrade it deserves. Your primary communal area is an essential space to decorate. Wow your guests from the moment they step into your main living space. Show off your knowledge of current trends, and curate a room that reflects your unique personality. Paintings will never go out of style, and they’re a great way to give your living room an instant boost of creativity. Opt for a artist-forward print made up of brushstrokes and eye-catching colors. These are the top 15 living room painting ideas for 2022!

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Calm & Zen Painting Ideas

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Large & Vibrant Painting Ideas

A Contemporary Living Room Layout

Exploring Contrasting Shapes

Wall Décor for a Dual-Use Space

Vertical vs Horizontal Wall Art

Exploring Modern Minimalism

Soothing, Cool Blue Paintings

A Lush, Green Painting

A Sleek, Neutral Color Palette

1. Modern Painting Ideas

Dare to be modern with your décor. If your living room desperately needs a contemporary upgrade, paintings are a super simple way to change up the overall look of your space. Choose a playful print to hang smack-dab in the center of your living room. Don’t forget to show off your personality and pick a piece of wall art that represents your unique taste.

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living room painting ideas

2. A Twist on a Classic Painting

Put a twist on a classic piece of fine art! Famous fine art is popping up all over designer interiors in 2022, and its popularity will never wane. For a contemporary touch, hang your fine art print on a dark-toned accent wall.

wall art sale

Expert Décor Tips 

Our Van Gogh collection is trending! Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, this iconic selection of impressionist art will add a moody touch to your living space.

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living room paintings

3. Mixing Tradition with Trends

You can also take a traditional piece of wall art and combine it with both classic and contemporary furniture. This balance between old and new is super-hot for 2022. One of our favorite classic prints that can work in modern spaces is the whimsical “Garden of Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch.

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paintings for living rooms

4. Calm & Zen Painting Ideas

Create a calming, relaxing space with a zen-inspired piece of wall art. A lotus flower painting is timeless and tranquil. Pair this peaceful painting with live greenery in your living room. Houseplants do double duty by purifying your air and brightening your space. Zen-style paintings can work in any room in your home, but they look exceptionally sleek in a minimalist living room.

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5. Small Living Room Paintings

Looking for a print to decorate a smaller living space? We’ve got you covered! Whether your living room itself is compact, or you’re looking for décor to fill a quirky nook, small paintings can work wonders in any size space! Choose a painted backdrop with typography that will pop. Paintings don’t have to lack words! In fact, typography over a modern painting is a top trend for 2022.

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small living room painting

6. Multi-Panel Prints for your Living Room

If you’re searching for an ultra-modern painting layout, you can’t beat a multi-panel print. An unframed canvas made up of multiple panels will look effortlessly contemporary. Our four-panel “wave” format is best-selling for a reason. Opt out of symmetry if you want something abstract, and don’t be afraid to explore creative layouts.

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painting living room ideas

7. Large & Vibrant Painting Ideas

Make a massive visual impact with an oversized, vibrant painting. Choose a painting that stretches over your entire sofa for an eye-catching effect. It’s always better to go bigger rather than too small when it comes to wall art. Plus, brightly colored artwork is a great way to change the entire look of your living room in the blink of an eye.

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vibrant living room painting

8. A Contemporary Living Room Layout

If you want to multiply your modernist style by two, choose a multi-panel unframed canvas with a minimalist brushstroke design. The beauty of brushstroke wall art is that it will match any existing décor. Minimalism will always look current, and brushstroke paintings are suitable for any living room style.

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modern painting ideas

9. Exploring Contrasting Shapes

Shapes on shapes! Choose a geometric painting on a multi-panel canvas for a dynamic appearance. Geometric wall art is striking in its simplicity. Choose a two, three, or four-panel print to enhance the look of your modern print. Hang this creative piece of wall art over a cozy seating area for optimal contrast.

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modern living room painting ideas

10. Wall Décor for a Dual-Use Space

If your living room also doubles as a dining room or kitchen, choose a more traditional print. Dining room and kitchen décor tends to be more classic, which means you can explore more vintage décor in your multi-use space. A traditional painting that mimics the look of a vintage advertisement is the perfect way to blend old, new, and multiple rooms!

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classic living room painting

11. Vertical vs Horizontal Wall Art

Choose whether you prefer the horizontal or vertical look. You can hang a painting in either layout in the middle of your main living space. Vertical wall art tends to have a more traditional look, and it also works in more narrow spaces. Horizontal wall art takes up more space length-wise, which makes it ideal for large walls. Have super-high ceilings? Vertical paintings might be the way to go! (Or do a collage that includes both!)

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vertical living room painting

12. Exploring Modern Minimalism

Back to minimalism, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the iconic paint splatter trend! Popularized by Warhol (one of our top trending artists of summer 2022), this minimalist look is effortlessly modern. Mix playfulness with subtle sophistication for a well-balanced living room.

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top modern living room paintings

13. Soothing, Cool Blue Paintings

When it comes to the right color palette for your painting, you can’t beat blue. While you can choose a print in any color your heart desires, blue will add a splash of color to your space without competing with your surrounding décor. Blue is soft and soothing while still looking dynamic.

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blue living room painting

14. A Lush, Green Painting 

Green is one of the top trending colors of 2022 for a reason! This organic hue is super stylish while still maintaining a timeless feel. Choose a bright green botanical painting for your living room. You won’t be disappointed with its visual impact and blendability!

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15. A Sleek, Neutral Color Palette

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a neutral color scheme. Modern and airy, neutral colors will open up your living room and create a refined environment. Opt for a neutral painting with metallic flecks of gold and silver for a subtly glamorous look. Happy decorating!

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