5 Ways to Mix Neutrals and Statement Colors

Craving a little contrast? Learn how to tastefully combine colors and neutrals. Your modern interior doesn’t have to be completely devoid of color. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between vibrant hues and subtle shades. Rather than matching everything in your space, embrace a variety of different tones. Discover wall art that pops against a contemporary color palette. Create a color scheme that includes both sophisticated neutrals and eye-catching colors with these tried-and-true tips.

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Warm Colors & Cool Neutrals

Cool Colors & Warm Neutrals

Neutrals Meet Pastels

A Pop of Color Against Grey

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Decorating with Neutrals and Color

Trending Décor Ideas

A top trending way to combine neutrals and statement shades is to incorporate hues that walk the line between both! Golden yellows next to beige will give the appearance of a vibrant, sophisticated space. Grey-blues will look classy while still adding a pop of contrast. These neutrals with a hint of color are perfect for bridging the gap between natural and colorful. For an easy way to mix neutrals and statement colors, use metallics as an eye-catching way to marry the two types of décor.

Culturally Relevant Wall Art

Gustav Klimt is known for his ability to blend rich golds, browns, and earthy tones with more striking jewel-inspired hues. His work is the perfect representation of mixing neutrals and colors. Our art director, Tirzah Goodman, has put together a collection that marries black culture and Klimt’s unique style. Celebrate diversity and black beauty while adding a touch of classic art to your interior for 2024.

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Warm Colors & Cool Neutrals

In order to avoid a space that looks too warm or too cool, include a bit of both! If you want to add warm accent colors like orange, red, and yellow, keep your neutral tones on the cooler side. That means using primarily whites and greys as the base of your space. By using cool neutral tones, you are allowing yourself the freedom to play with warm, cheerful hues. You can have fun with pops of bright paintings in orange and cherry red, while still retaining a modern look.

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Cool Colors & Warm Neutrals

Reversing the previously mentioned trend works just as well! Use bright paintings in cool colors like cobalt blue and teal green, but also incorporate beige and tan tones throughout your space. This will help ensure a cozy atmosphere by preventing your home from looking too cold. Counteract your sapphire shades with warm wooden details. Warm up your whites by choosing ivories and champagnes. Balance is key when it comes to combining statement shades and contemporary colors.

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Neutrals meet Pastels

A foolproof way to incorporate color into a neutral palette is by opting for soft pastel shades. Practically any pastel hues will slide in seamlessly with a neutral color scheme. Add baby blue, mint, and pastel rose tones. These light and bright colors will liven up your space without pulling focus. If you’re all about blending tones together, this is the technique for you. This method also gives you the freedom to combine both warm and cool neutrals in the same room.

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Mix Neutrals and Statement Colors

A Pop of Color Against Grey

Grey has been all the rage over the past few years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Put a 2021 twist on this ultra-modern trend and throw in a splash of color! This is a great bright bedroom idea that won't appear chaotic. With an all grey interior, it’s important to add a touch of visual interest. Keep it classy with a romantic color like red or purple. Add wall art with a pop of color, and experiment with saturated textiles peppered around the room. 

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100% Au Naturel

If you want to add some color to your neutral interior while still retaining a natural look, house plants are the ideal accessory! Live greenery gives your room personality while still appearing effortlessly organic. If a true pop of color feels too bold for your chic space, houseplants are the perfect compromise. Combine this fresh look with lots of wooden details and modern furniture. Keep your space looking light and airy, and fill it with a variety of botanical marvels.

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Mix Neutrals and Statement Colors

Pro Tips

Designer Yoko Chow shares her tips for combining neutrals and statement colors to achieve a trendy aesthetic:

“The combination of bright colors and neutrals are represented by a few popular styles today including Boho and modern Mid-century. With the modern Boho style, most of the space is filled with neutrals and highlighted by plants in vivid green hues. The modern mid-century usually employs bright colors in fabric and decorative elements for a personal touch to a wood tone space.”

She further explains the importance of balance and contrast:

'Neutral background colors should assist in prioritizing the color you desire to stand out or make it appear as you planned on. If you have a blue lounge chair, you may want to consider your neutral color to have a slight orange tone (complementary color of blue) to make the chair as blue as possible. It helps to be mindful what features you wish to emphasize in your space, not only the color being introduced, but also in concert with the existing colors."

Decorating with Neutrals and Color

From saturated paintings to bright bedroom ideas, there are plenty of ways to incorporate statement colors into a neutral color palette. This year is all about looking forward to a bright future, so there’s no better time to balance your neutrals with vibrant colors. No matter your existing décor, three are several easy ways to combine color with modernism. The next step is deciding which tip speaks to you!

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