Wall art in your home reflects your personality and defines your space. If you're passionate about music, designing your home with a canvas of your favorite musician is a great choice. It will set the right tone and will be a constant reminder of your music preferences. 

These upcoming Grammy Awards are the perfect opportunity to turn your home into a rock-n-roll haven with the following wall art prints of past winners and nominees!

Bob Marley Canvas Wall Art

Bob Marley wall art by Ben Heine is a versatile and affordable canvas piece that delivers sharp, clean images and excellent color accuracy. It suits the minimalist home design and complements light hues in your home.
Bob Marley was a very famous Jamaican singer and songwriter who known for his selection of songs and writing style. He was a pioneer of reggae music and his musical career was a blend of reggae, ska, and rock. He died in 1981 due to illness. In February 2001, he was honored with Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. To keep him alive in your memories, having a Bob Marley canvas wall art is a great choice and will bring peace as well as harmony into your home.

Digital Bob Marley Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Ben Heine

Kanye West Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Kanye West is another great artist who won 21 Grammy Awards for his music. This American rapper, singer, and music producer is also a fashion designer! His music features a broad range of styles, including hip hop, baroque pop, electro, indie rock, industrial, and more. 
Kanye West wall art by Technodrome1 will fit every interior dark or light thanks to its vibrant colors. It will look best against neutral backsplash and against dark walls as well. His multi-panel canvas wall art in your home will inspire your kids and music lovers in many ways. 

Kanye West II Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Technodrome1

David Bowie Canvas Wall Art

The canvas wall art of your favorite musician David Bowie and the winner of 5 Grammy Awards will add a lot of value in your interior. “There is nothing I can do” wall art of David Bowie by Michiel Folkers is a reminder of one of the most influential songwriters of his time.  
This multi-panel colored canvas wall art is the perfect piece for the modern home. It will spice up your space, show your music preferences as well as your artistic side. This beautiful piece is available in various sizes and layouts to truly complement your decor. 

There Is Nothing I Can Do II Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Michiel Folkers

Drake and Rihanna Canvas Wall Art

Drake and Rihanna canvas wall art by Dai Chris will transform your space in an inspiring way. This wall art features a creative perspective on music lovers and fashion enthusiasts. Moreover, this colorful canvas print of two of the most famous musicians fit best against white or neutral colored walls.
Drake has won 4 Grammy Awards, and Rihanna won 9 so far. The Barbadian singer, fashion designer, actress and businesswoman, and the Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, producer, and businessman have worked in many albums together. Take inspiration from these amazing artists with our Drake and Rihanna canvas wall art.

Drake Rihanna Design Remix Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Dai Chris

Frank Sinatra Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Frank Sinatra, aka Ol' Blue Eyes, was one of the most popular singers in American history. This singer, actor, and producer has won 11 Grammy Awards in his music career. He was famous for his selection of songs and melodious voices worldwide.
Having wall art of musicians like Frank Sinatra in your home reflects your love and respect for music. Check out our Frank Sinatra wall art by Kaneda. This multicolor canvas painting can fit in any wall of your home. Whether you love minimalist interior or in favor of eclectic style home design our Frank Sinatra multi panel canvas wall art is for you.

Sinatra Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Kaneda

Jimi Hendrix Canvas Wall Art

The black and white wall art of Jimi Hendrix by Octavian Mieluthat will fit every interior. It makes an ideal addition to a music lover's living room. Whether your walls are plain white or colorful, this black and white inspirational canvas wall art will add the right touch. 
Jimi Hendrix was an American singer, rock guitarist, and songwriter. He was famous for his rock music and only got 1 Grammy nomination in his lifetime. However, he did win a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work. 

Jimi Hendrix Vapour Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art by Octavian Mielu


The wall art of your favorite musicians will uplift the beauty of your home in many ways. Being inspired by unique designs, these wall arts will give your surroundings a dramatic appeal. Choose one or a few and get ready for the Grammys!

Didn't find your favorite artist on this list? No worries, check out our Grammy Winners collection!

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