So you are shopping for a canvas print. But you're confused: framed or unframed?
Well, the decision depends entirely on your personal taste. But before you decide anything, learning about a few things will help you make an informed buying decision.

canvas print style framed vs unframed
There are various things you should keep in mind when you have to opt for unframed or framed artwork. Let’s have a look at these important factors:

What is a Framed Canvas?

The framed canvas looks like a single panel canvas, but this gallery-wrapped artwork features a third layer, a wooden frame that creates an illusion of floating art. A framed canvas lends a refined touch to your space and impacts the artwork's impression, as a solid black border frame keeps the focus on the artwork. 

If you are looking for a large modern artwork or an abstract design, you should choose floater frames to achieve elegance. It makes a great choice if it easily matches and harmonizes with your overall interior theme. 

Pastel Ocean Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Benefits of Framed Canvas

Below, you will learn when and why you should consider a framed piece of art for decorating your space:

Feeling of Completion

Framed artwork looks complete and secure. And, the sense of security and completion subconsciously impacts the viewer's perception.

Sense of Floatation

Because of the small gap between the canvas and the frame, the canvas print seems to be floating inside the frame, giving your artwork a truly unique look!

Light Appearance

One of the best benefits of such a frame is that it looks very light and unbulky, which results in a clean appearance. 

What is an Unframed Canvas?

Unframed canvas is the artwork that is not set into any frame. Because of frameless borders, these artworks can adapt to any style.
Unframed canvas prints are loved for their sleek and modern look. The minimalist look blends well with contemporary furniture and virtually all interior styles.

Now you may ask, “How could I hang it on the wall?” Well, our pre-stretched canvas prints come stapled onto wooden bars that create the internal supporting frame. We install these with a sawtooth hanger, so it's already ready to hang! 

Life In Color Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Benefits of Unframed Canvas

Check out when you should choose an unframed artwork:

Ideal for a Large, Clean Space

Do you have a lot of space that features a clean, large, and uniquely colored wall? If so, an unframed canvas artwork can be a great decor item! 

See your Artwork Directly

Unlike framed art that may distract you from the artwork, unframed canvas keeps the artwork at the center. 

Cheaper Than Framed Canvas

Our canvas prints cost less when compared with the framed option, making it a more affordable choice to keep up with your budget.

Wrapping Up

With the increasing quality of canvas prints, advanced printing technology, and the availability of more unique colors, artworks can now be preserved for decades to come. The emerging home interior and decor trends present even more affordable options to showcase your artwork.

But one important thing you should keep in mind is that whether you choose a framed or an unframed canvas print, make sure it complements the entire look of your space.

If you still are unsure, no worries! You can create a gallery wall by mixing framed and unframed pieces, for a truly unique and eclectic style!



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