Sophisticated décor and master bedrooms are a match made in heaven. There’s a maturity about your main bedroom that deserves to be realized. This refined energy should be reflected in your color scheme. There’s no better way to ensure a timeless, stylish space than applying a black and white-based color palette. Your bedroom should be a space meant for rest and relaxation, which means neutral colors are an ideal base. Our design experts have put together the ultimate guide to creating a dreamy space with minimal color. We’re going to take you through several ways to incorporate black and white into your bedroom, based on your style goals.

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How Black and White Can Transform Your Room

Simple Black and White Bedroom Decor

Modern Black and White Bedroom Décor

Classic Black and White Bedroom Décor

Black and White Wall Art Ideas

The Scope of Black and White Styles

More Black and White Décor Topics

How Black and White Can Transform Your Room

Black and white has been used since the dawn of design. If you’re unsure of where your décor is going to take you, it’s a great pair to start with. Oftentimes when we are designing a new space, our aesthetic isn’t fully realized until we find pieces we love. Starting with a bold color scheme or style can limit the future possibilities, and prevent our space from growing and changing naturally. Black and white can make your room look complete, even if it isn’t. It’s a great color palette when your room is still in a transitional phase.

Expert Décor Tips

Our resident design expert, Elimar Lobo Sáenz, shares her tips for making the most of a black and white bedroom:

“Monochrome doesn't mean boring. Knowing what look you want to achieve is the best way to choose the right combination of black and white. You can choose between a modern, monochromatic look with splashes of charcoal and grey, or go with a more traditional pop of color. Try combining your black and white color scheme with different materials and textiles, like white distressed floor boards, industrial accessories, or sophisticated black furniture. Lean into the stunning contrast of this dynamic duo.”

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Simple Black and White Bedroom Décor

Minimalism is an obvious choice when it comes to a black and white interior – and for good reason! You practically can’t go wrong with a minimalist, monochromatic bedroom. Keep your linens crisp with a predominantly grey and white color palette. Avoid clutter at all costs, and steal style inspo from Scandinavian interiors. Hang a piece of artwork with a simple, abstract design that combines the light and dark tones. For a contrasting twist, add gold and bronze hardware instead of the more obvious silver finish.

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simple black and white bedroom decor

Modern Black and White Bedroom Décor

Modern bedrooms are all about playing with the unexpected in an understated way. Make a statement without overwhelming your space. Don’t play it safe, but don’t let your room look chaotic either. The perfect contemporary bedroom is well-balanced and bold. Choose a pop of a trending color to stand out against the black and white backdrop. A few stylish shades include yolk yellow, teal, magenta, and coral. Hang a piece of wall art that plays with perspective. Finally, keep your furniture low to the ground for a coz-meets-modern look.

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modern black and white bedroom decor

Classic Black and White Bedroom Décor

Black and white doesn’t have to stay strictly modern, it can look equally traditional with the right décor. If your style is more classic than contemporary, your bedroom can still benefit from a black and white color palette. Stick with muted tones like grey-blue and dusty rose. Play with more sophisticated versions of pastels like sage green and mauve. The majority of your space should be white or off-white, so the black details stand out even more. Hang a piece of wall art that is either a historic black and white painting, or a colorless classic photograph. Accessorize with antiques and vintage furniture pieces.

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black and white bedroom decor

Black and White Wall Art Ideas

Wall art is a great way to tie together the black and white details within your bedroom. There are endless styles of black and white wall art to choose from, and it all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. One of our favorite wall art trends for 2021/2022 is line art. This modern look uses a single line to create a stunning piece of minimalist artwork. The beauty of this simple wall art is that it will match any bedroom furniture or décor. You can also opt for a slightly more abstract version of simplistic artwork with our “brush stroke collection,” curated by Tirzah Goodman.

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black and white wall hangings for bedroom

The Scope of Black and White Styles

There are practically endless black and white aesthetic themes to explore. No matter your personality, you can easily find black and white décor that suits your unique bedroom/sleeping space. For example, black and white was a classic combination in Art Deco interiors from the 1920s. Therefore, it pairs well with geometric shapes and metallic details. You can also jump into the 2020s with a black and white artwork against concrete for an industrial-chic look.

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black and white minimalist wall art

More Black and White Décor Topics

The black and white possibilities are infinite. Your bedroom is the perfect space for this sleek and chic color palette. If you want an in depth look at black and white wall décor specifically, check out our article on B&W wall art. Still searching for interior decorating tips and tricks? Visit our black and white home décor page. Our inspiration blog is full of color-based design articles to help you elevate your home.

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