That empty wall in your bedroom can be a blank canvas on which you can showcase your creativity.

You might think of hanging a flat-screen TV across from your bed! So ordinary! But you want to stand out, no? So, let’s think out of the box.

First things first! Your bedroom should be a restful and cozy sanctuary where you could unwind after a long hectic day. It deserves peaceful decor more than electronics.

So, keep reading to transform that empty wall into something incredible and interesting with these budget-friendly ideas.

Create a Dreamy Gallery Wall

A super cool gallery wall in your bedroom creates a focal point in the space. Based on your personal preferences, you can create a wonderful memory wall in various different ways.

Do you want to add a truly stylish and meaningful touch to your room? Let the gallery spread around the bed. Pick frames of different sizes, and pair wall art, souvenirs, and photo prints for diversity. Combine canvas prints because art affects mood and emotions. Make sure you choose the same color scheme to create a balance within the room.

Alternatively, obtain symmetry by picking frames from one side to another of your bed’s border. Pair and align them as much as possible while matching the frames with the color of your bed.

Gallery walls are a really exciting way to decorate your walls using contrasting and complementing mosaic painting or canvas prints. Make sure you strategically hang the frame and prints so that the wall is clearly visible.

Gallery wall canvas art

Use Beautiful Fabrics

Looking for an interesting backdrop behind your bed? How about a wonderful hanging fabric? This cheap and simple idea will lend a magical charm to your room’s decor.

The best part is that you can anytime replace it with something more interesting for a fresh look.

Fortunately, you have endless options when it comes to the style, design and pattern of the tapestry you choose. You can turn the fabric into wall art by stretching it over a decorative frame.

Want something super quick? Hang tapestries with pockets using a rod. You can also drape the rod to create an eye-catching stylish faux headboard. It works amazing over your bed and even the sofa.

bedroom wall decoration ideas

Personalize Your Space With A Chalkboard

You want to express yourself, personalize your space and showcase your inner artist. Is it so? 

Well, if this is the case, chalkboard paint is a blessing for you! It lets you create dynamic walls as you can create patterns and colors as desired.

You heard it right! A chalkboard in your bedroom, maybe just behind the bed!

This popular modern trend creates a focal point in your bedroom. You can write down the jokes, inspiration quotes, scribble funny doodles, or anything you like on it.

One clever way is to hang some empty frames on the chalkboard wall and create something beautiful inside each frame. Alternatively, hang a bedroom wall art and surround it with relevant quotes and designs.

Bedroom wall decoration ideas

Add Magic With Mirrors

Strategically hanging or placing mirrors in your bedroom will add sparkle and life to your space. Mirrors boast a magical ability to create an illusion of brightness and a bigger space. It can visually expand the size of your bedroom.

You can lean a mirror with a distressed frame against the blank wall in your bedroom to get a rustic charm. You can also go for a round farmhouse Barnwood mirror frame to achieve a similar look. For a feminine look, opt for an ornate white mirror frame.

You can also use a large mirror with a decorative frame. It will add depth and appeal to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.


Bedroom wall decoration ideas

A Statement Oversized Art Piece

If there is a passionate artist inside you, or you love to decorate the wall in an artistic manner, opt for large wall art. An oversized bedroom wall art will beautifully cover the room, adding a statement to the room's decor.

Whether it is a rented apartment or your own home, wall art makes a wonderful addition to your bedroom. There are endless options, but whatever you choose, it should reflect your unique personality and lifestyle.

We recommend choosing an artwork that makes you feel relaxed. Soft and welcoming colors like peach and teal would help create the desired atmosphere in your space.

A carefully selected and placed wall art has the power to enhance your bedroom with vibrant shades. It can incorporate plenty of style and texture to your room while making your decor personalized.

Jump in the lake wall art print

Be sure to check out our guide to hanging multi-panel wall art easily! 

Wrapping Up

So, you see that you have so many amazing options to decorate the empty wall in your bedroom. The best part is these ideas won’t cost you a fortune. Even if you have a tight budget, you can still decorate your room in the desired way to make it look amazing. Sweet dreams! 



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