We all need a relaxing trip to the spa now and again. If you don’t have the time or money to pay your local spa a visit, don’t fret! It’s easy to turn your bathroom into a space for self-care. Too often bathrooms are neglected when it comes to home décor. We start and end our day in this sacred space, which means it deserves just as much attention as every other room in the house. Forget bland bathrooms that focus solely on functionality, and explore stunning style options. For a quick fix that won’t break the bank, take a look at our picks for bathroom wall picture ideas.

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A Room for Self-Care

A Serene Style

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Bathroom Wall Pictures: Sizes

Bathroom Wall Pictures: Shapes

Bathroom Décor Topics & Ideas

A Room for Self-Care

It’s time to treat yourself! After an objectively rough year, self-care is essential for boosting your attitude and improving your mental health. Use your bathroom as a sanctuary and respite from the chaos of daily life. Wind down in the evening with candles and a semi-indulgent regimen. Elevate your morning and nighttime routine with bathroom wall art. Your surroundings play an equally important role in giving you peace of mind. Wall art can instantly lift your mood and your space. Our resident interior design expert, Elimar Lobo Sáenz, seconds the importance of wall décor in your bathroom:

Bathroom Wall Décor: Pro Tips

“The bathroom should be a sacred space to be with yourself. Aesthetically, it can play a major role in setting the tone for the rest of your home. Adding a large piece of artwork can be the perfect way to tie the whole room together and provide a touch of personality. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a well-curated bathroom gallery-wall!”

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bathroom wall pictures

A Serene Style

A modern bathroom is all about doing more with less. Borrow style tips from minimal, Scandinavian interiors. Use the serenity of nature as your primary inspiration, and curate a peaceful space with earthy details.

Beyond Bathroom Wall Décor: Pro Tips

Elimar Lobo Sáenz speaks on combining natural details with stylish accessories:

“Add indoor greenery to create a natural flow. Pair organic materials like wooden accents with soft elements like poufs and ottomans for optimal contrast. Copper accessories are also hot for 2021, and they put a modern twist on the classic gold trend.”

Yoko Chow, of Yoko Chow LLC, emphasizes the benefit of biophilia and decorating with houseplants:

“I always consider [the theory of] biophilia when designing a space,” she continues, “A number of studies have shown that indoor plants are effective at reducing stress, improving productivity, and even purifying polluted air.”

PS Show off your inner-confidence with a trendy human figure print, handpicked by our art director, Tirzah Goodman. 

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bathroom wall picture ideas

Luxurious Colors

A characteristically contemporary bathroom uses neutrals to create a modern feel. You can’t go wrong with white as a bathroom base. Use unexpected neutral shades like taupe, sand, and copper to add subtle warmth. While your bathroom should have a sleek, minimal base, you can still incorporate pops of color for a splash of personality.

Purple Bathroom Wall Pictures

While green and blue may be classic, they’re also historically overused in bathroom décor. Go with a sleek shade of purple for a modern twist. Purple is a hot color for 2021, and it’s the perfect balance of playful and chic. Take French lavender fields as inspiration, and perfume your bathroom with the scent and sight of this iconic flower.

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bathroom wall art pictures

Bathroom Wall Pictures: Sizes

For those who have a separate tub, try hanging your bathroom canvas print above the freestanding bath. When it comes to choosing a canvas size, you can implement the same rules for selecting artwork to hang above your sofa or other large furniture:

Wall art that you want to hang over furniture, such as a fireplace, a bed or a couch, should be between 2/3 and 3/4 of the furniture's width. To measure the ideal art size above your furniture, consider this example: If your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply it by 0.66 and 0.75. You need a canvas between 3.96 feet and 4.5 feet wide to fit impressively above the couch. (or any other major piece of furniture.

If your bathroom is too small for a large canvas, follow our rules for choosing wall art to hang in hallways. Compact, narrow bathrooms can still benefit from a piece of wall art:


Large wall art that measures 36 inches by 75 inches in height and width can create a polished, classic look in your hallway. This wall art size works well in long hallways as well as over your entertainment area.”

Still stumped? We’ve dubbed 52”x32” the “size that can’t go wrong.” Read more about this tip in our complete Wall Art Size Guide.

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bathroom wall decor

Bathroom Wall Pictures: Shapes

Choosing a shape is less about layout and more about personal taste. View our canvas shape options and choose the bathroom canvas shape that speaks to your unique style. We offer a one-piece, classic canvas for those who want something traditional, as well as a less-conventional two-piece canvas for the design daredevil. 3, 4, and 5-piece multipanel canvases are effortlessly modern, whereas a 7-piece hexagonal canvas makes a funky statement.

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contemporary art for bathroom

Bathroom Décor Topics & Ideas

We’re just getting started on the subject of bathroom wall picture ideas. ElephantStock has a whole host of articles intended to help you select your perfect piece. View this blog post on refreshing bathroom wall décor ideas for more creative inspo. Worried about hanging your canvas in a damp environment? No need to worry! In fact, we have an entire tab dedicated to explaining why our wall art is suitable for bathroom décor. From contemporary bathroom design, to classic artwork for your self-care space, it all comes down to what brings you peace and joy.

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