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Fall in love with trendy teal. If your living room needs a boost of style, consider this effortlessly cool color. Teal is one of the hottest hues for 2023, and it’s perfect for your main living space. We’ve consulted with top interior designers to bring you expert décor tips and tricks. Turn your living room into the space of your dreams with a few quick fixes. You don’t need to break the bank to create a space that inspires you. Sometimes all you need is a pop of color! Teal can create a modern atmosphere in the blink of an eye. From wall art to furniture, discover the top modern teal living room decor ideas.

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Teal Living Room: Color Combos

Moody & Dark Teal Living Room

Using Teal Décor as a Pop of Color

Family-Friendly Teal Living Room Ideas

Trending Teal Wall Art Ideas

More Cool-Toned Room Ideas

Teal Living Room: Color Combos

One of the major benefits of teal is that it can fit into almost any color scheme! If you’re working with neutrals, teal can provide the perfect hint of saturation while still maintaining a contemporary feel. If you have a predominantly warm space, teal can give your living room a cool touch. For a trend that’s totally hot for 2024, go with an all-cool interior comprised of calming shades like sage green, teal, mint, and even olive. Monochromatic spaces are all the rage, and cool colors are a great way to experiment with this trend while still avoiding an overly colorful space. Another major win for teal is that it’s timeless! There is almost no décor period throughout history where teal wasn’t present. Trends may come and go, but teal has the unique ability to look modern no matter what decade.

A Teal & Yellow Living Room

For the prefect balance of warm and cool, try pairing teal with a sunny yellow. Yellow was one of the hottest colors in 2024, and it’s not going anywhere! If you still have yellow décor from last year, teal is the perfect way to bring it into 2024. Add a piece of teal and yellow décor to tie in the two contrasting colors. Wall décor is a great option for a low-cost piece that won’t take up any space. Whether your living room is quirky or sophisticated, teal and yellow are a vibrant combination that will wow your guests.

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Teal and yellow living room

Moody & Dark Teal Living Room

If bright colors aren’t your thing, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo teal all together! In fact, teal can also serve as the perfect accent color to a dark, moody living room. If navy feels too overdone, teal is the ideal alternative. With a black or charcoal-based color palette, blue used to be a no-go. However, teal has just the right amount of green to make it look intentional rather than clash! You can also opt for teal-tinted houseplants like succulents and palms for an organic pop of color that will look stunning with darker tones. If you’re really daring, try a teal or slate gray accent wall! Nothing makes a statement quite like a fresh coat of paint.

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Teal Living Room Ideas

Using Teal Décor as a Pop of Color

All-neutral living rooms are out for 2024, and adding color is essential to stay trendy. If you’re nervous to jump into an uber-colorful interior, teal is the perfect stepping stone to adding contrast without overwhelming your neutral color palette. If bright teal still feels too vibrant, choose a more muted version with a hint of gray. Muted teal can still pack a punch, especially in a cool, neutral space. You can also opt for wall art as your source of color, which gives you the opportunity to swap it out if you decide it’s too vibrant. Teal is one of those colors that is almost impossible to overdo, so even if you’re a minimalist, it’s a great option!

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Expert Décor Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for teal living room décor:

"Although vibrant, teal is a color that promotes a clam and reflective mood. Furthermore, teal creates a mental and spiritual balance. You can easily combine teal with tons of other colors, which is why it’s important to define the mood you’re going for. For a luxurious, ultra-cozy look, try mixing teal with shades like chocolate brown, gold, red, purple, or magenta. For a more energetic feel, try teal with orange of yellow! Looking for something softer? White or pink will also look beautiful with a teal interior."

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Dark teal living room

Family-Friendly Teal Living Room Ideas

If your living space is loved by the whole family, you can still make it stylish! A kid-friendly space can have a trendy color scheme. Borrow our tip on combining bright teal with a warm tone like yellow or orange for a playful look. These two contrasting colors will ensure a stylish living space that’s still visually engaging and dynamic for the youngsters. Add lots of plush, patterned textiles within your color scheme for even more variation. Finish the look with a customizable print with your family’s name to make your house feel like a home.

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Teal decor

Trending Teal Wall Art Ideas

When it comes to teal wall art, there are practically endless options to choose from. Why not pick a print that’s currently trending? Our art director, Tirzah Goodman, has highlighted Georgia O’Keeffe as one of the top trending classic artists for 2024. While her work is timeless, it’s also having its biggest resurgence yet. Choose a floral (borderline aquatic) print with sensual curvature and bold teal tones. Hang your O’Keeffe-inspired print in the center of your space to make a major statement that still looks elegant and sophisticated.

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Teal Decor for living rooms

More Cool-Toned Room Ideas

Your living room isn’t the only space that could benefit from teal-toned décor. Cool colors are everywhere this year, and it’s high time you incorporate them everywhere in your home! Looking for more cool-hued décor inspo? Look no further! Check out our article on blue and green décor for every room. We also have an article all about decorating with teal in your bedroom! Whichever part of your home needs a boost of blue, we’ve got you covered.  

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