Bohemian stye has always been about celebrating freedom and the right to choose our own path. It’s no secret that the concept of female empowerment shares a similar objective of freedom and individuality. In other words, feminism and boho wall décor were made to go together! If you seek to show your support for women in every avenue of your life, let your passion for equality extend to your interior. From body positive décor to wall art by women, there are plenty of ways to combine chic boho style with female empowerment.

We have teamed up with our interior design experts to give you insight into this inspiring trend.

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The Style of Self-Love

Female Artists for Your Room

Nature-Inspired Colors

Canvas Sizes

Artwork Shapes

The Topic of Diversity

The Style of Self-Love

Positive affirmations are proven to work as a psychological key to confidence. Not only should you tell yourself how powerful you are, but you should display a daily reminder! Seek out wall art with empowering typography. Discover a phrase that makes you feel like you can take on the world, and hang it in a location with high visibility. Choose a quote or phrase that is specific to women for an extra boost of divine femininity.

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips:

“Inspiring typography is subtle way to work on our mindset and cheer us up. Art touches our souls, and especially due to our current worldwide situation, we need to be surrounded by positivity. All in all, displaying inspiring quotes and motivational typography is a subtle way to create a positive environment to cheer up and boost your day-to-day energy and outlook."

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A Woman's Place I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Female Artists for Any Room

A direct way to give back to the female community is by buying artwork from female artists. Browse our collection of wall décor by fine artists, and choose your favorite piece by a woman. The best part? You can make an artistic statement in any room! If you want your feminist artwork to be more visible, consider hanging your canvas in a community space like a living or dining room. You can even create a gallery-style label next to your print to share information about your chosen artist with family and friends. You can also read through our “Artist Spotlight” blog posts to learn more about some of the creative women represented in our catalog.

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Graceful Majesty III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Connect with Nature through Colors

We call it “mother nature” for a reason. There’s something inherently feminine about the earth itself. After all, women are the life-givers of this planet. Bohemian decor  is about embracing the natural world, and showing your love for all things organic. Connect to your natural femininity with an array of plants and plant-inspired décor. Opt for neutral, earthy colors that reflect the adventurous bohemian spirit, and make your empowering artwork the focus of the room. Botanical-style colors are essential when it comes to capturing the boho decorating aesthetic.

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Boho Botanical Leaves X Canvas Set Wall Art

Body Positivity & Canvas Sizes

Hang a piece of artwork that celebrates the female body! There’s no “right way” for a women’s body to look, so look for wall art that makes you feel beautiful. Just like women’s bodies, boho wall decor comes in a wide range of sizes. Choose a large canvas to make a statement, or go with a smaller piece for a splash of style. The bohemian lifestyle focuses on promoting an artistic lifestyle and applauding creative endeavors, so pair your piece of body-positive art with a few of your own creations.

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Woman Sitting Illustration Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

The Shape of You (and Your Art!)

Whether you identify as a woman yourself, or you simply want to show your support for the feminist movement, there are plenty of stunning ways to celebrate women within your home. You don’t have to sacrifice social justice for style. In fact, the two can work together in harmony to create a beautiful interior. Consider using unexpected shapes and multi-panel canvases for an eye-catching look. The more eyes on the artwork, the better!

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Multiethnic Women Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

The Topic of Diverse Artwork

Feminism is also about acknowledging marginalized groups under the “female” umbrella. Whether you are a BIPOC yourself, or you simply want to show your support, representation is crucial when it comes to female empowerment. Not only is it important to buy from diverse artists, but you should also consider art that portrays the female experience from different points of view. Just like there is no single standard for the female body, there is no single female form who should be represented in modern art. Explore artwork that showcases a diverse array of women, and choose the piece that speaks to you.

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