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During a time when we’re all stuck at home with nowhere to go, some of us have resorted to taking mental trips to whimsical places far far away. Thus came the rise of “cottagecore,” a thematic design concept based on fairytale cottages and natural simplicity. Almost the entire world is currently dreaming about escaping the hustle and bustle of crowded city life, and retreating to an isolated cabin in a picturesque locale. People are beginning to transform their spaces to reflect these cozy fantasies. From wall art to furniture, we’ve created the ultimate guide to “cottagecore,” and how you can incorporate this timely trend!

Cottagecore – Explained

What is cottagecore? Cottagecore is the celebration of all things ethereal. In short, it’s modern cottage décor! Imagine waking up in a cozy cottage at sunrise, with speckled sunrays peeking through the trees. You harvest berries from your front porch, and listen to the birds sing sweetly above your head. We’ve long been obsessed with fairytales, so it’s no surprise cottage decor has found its heyday. This décor concept is slightly moodier than traditional shabby chic, but it incorporates many of the same elements. Cozy fabric, wooden details, handcrafted furnishings, and the celebration of nature are all commonalities between cottagecore and shabby chic.

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What better place to start your cottagecore journey than the bedroom? Wake up feeling warm and fuzzy in layers and layers of thick, cable-knit blankets. Position your bed so you can look out the window as soon as you roll over and open your eyes. Splurge on a vintage breakfast tray (or use an old cutting board!) to indulge in a hot cup of coffee from under your covers. Select a warm-toned area rug to keep your space from looking cold, and use as many wooden details as possible. Choose a simple lamp with a warm white bulb to gently illuminate your sleeping space.

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Cottage-core design trend


A quaint kitchen is essential when curating a cottagecore-inspired interior. It’s all about rusticity with a whimsical edge. Go nuts with potted plants, especially if you live far from natural greenery. Create the illusion of bringing the outdoors in with unfinished wooded planks and home-grown herbs. Play with black and white as accent colors, and swap grocery store labels and containers for handmade glass jars. Put your favorite mugs on display by adding a mug-hanging wrack above your countertop. The beauty of the cottage decor trend, is that your home should look lived in. If there are a couple dishes on the counter, they’ll just add to the overall charm!

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cottage-core design trend

Dining Room

Take the formality out of dining by swapping your classic dining table for a picnic table! Switch out impersonal seating for cushioned benches. Your dining room should scream “natural” and “relaxed.” Even if you’re only cooking for one, an intimate dining area can feel extra-homey. Place a Berber-style rug under your dining room furniture to make your space look even comfier. Stick to forest-inspired shades like sage, brown, and olive. Give the illusion that your dining room looks out at an enchanted forest by hanging a large, multi-panel print.  

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Living Room

Last but not least, it’s time to redesign your living room. Even though cottagecore is all about natural tones and finishes, your living room is where you’re allowed to have a little fun! Explore deeper, brighter colors with through both furniture and wall art. Play with hues that bridge the gap between bold and delicate, such as rose, plum, and gold. Choose a sofa that looks intentionally well-loved, or go full vintage with your comfy couch! Pick pillows in dainty colors like peach and lavender to offset the bright colors in the rest of the room. Instead of using stark white throughout your space, go with softer colors like ivory, beige, and pearl.

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Cottage Style Decor & More

Ready to curl up with a fantasy book and a mug full of warm tea? So are we! Start your year off right with a brand-new aesthetic that will surely stand the test of time. Jump on the cottage decor bandwagon, and fall in love with this incomparably cozy trend. This twist on traditional shabby chic décor will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a magical woodland forest. Cottagecore is more than a way to redesign your home, it’s a lifestyle – and we can’t wait to try it!

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