Create a Unique Interior with Photo Canvas Prints

Dare to be unique. Create a one-of-a-kind interior with bespoke accessories. Wow your guests with décor they’ve never seen before. Avoid the obvious and embrace your own personal style. From custom wall art, to monogramed bedding, there are tons of ways to make your home stand out.

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Custom Canvases: A Summary

Selecting the Best Photo Canvas Print

Monograms & Messages

DIY Décor Ideas

Indoor Gardens & Greenery

Own Your Creativity

Canvas Photo Prints and More!

Custom Canvases: A Summary

Looking for a truly exceptional piece of décor? Not only do we offer custom collage options, but we also offer custom canvases in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our personal favorite is the ultra-unique hexagon cut. Choose between a single image, or up to ten! The choice is yours. Pick images that bring you joy, and brighten up your interior with your own irreplaceable memories. A custom photo print is one of the easiest ways to give your home a personalized touch. If you’re not crafty or creative yourself, let the experts do the work! Simply visualize your perfect photo print, and watch it come to life.

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Large Canvas Photo Prints

Why not go big with your custom wall art? If you decide to go the personalized print route, choose a piece that will wow your guests. Amateur designers often choose artwork that is too small for the surrounding space. Avoid this rookie mistake by being generous with your dimensions. You might regret going to small, but you won’t regret going too big! Custom wall art was meant to be displayed. Hang your piece in a highly visible area with heavy foot traffic to get the biggest bang for your buck. Visit our “Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide” if you have any doubts on sizing.

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Custom Hexagon Canvas Photo Prints

Select the Best Photo Canvas Print

If you’re intrigued by the custom photo print idea, consider what you want your subject to be. The world is your oyster when it comes to custom canvases, and the possibilities are endless. If you consider yourself a family-oriented person, family and friends can be the perfect subject for your artwork. Choose photos that remind you of a special time and place for optimal impact. You can also select photographs or artwork that reminds you of your greatest adventures. Avid travelers tend to display their voyages as a constant reminder of the stunning world around them. Whether you select something sentimental or stimulating, remember to stay true to you.

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Monograms & Messages

Scatter hidden messages throughout your home. Make each piece of furniture and décor feel like it was made just for you! Monogram everything from your towels to your sheets. You can embroider initials or meaningful acronyms on any piece of fabric. If you want to display a more visible message, choose a piece of customizable wall art. With our custom collage option, you can choose your images AND your caption. Commemorate a favorite moment, or add a quote that speaks to you.

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Collage Canvas Photo Prints

DIY Décor Ideas

In this modern age, it’s super easy to find clever DIY projects to enhance your home. From Pinterest to YouTube, browse home decor ideas that incorporate your own creativity. You can make custom labels for mason jars, or repaint your furniture in a shabby-chic style. Make use of your loose threads and tie them around empty vases for an eclectic look. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and use the freedom of abstract art to inspire your DIY creations.

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Indoor Gardens & Greenery

No two plants are exactly alike, which makes them the perfect addition to a one-of-a-kind home. Indoor gardens are no new concept to the world of design, but it’s all about how you arrange your greenery. Classic houseplants are beautiful, but challenge yourself to opt for flora with vivid colors and textures. Take a chance on colorful plants with vibrant flowers.

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Own Your Creativity

Nobody knows your own taste like you, so why not create artwork of your own? Host a (virtual) wine and paint party with your friends, and end the night with a piece you’re proud of! It’s an amusing activity, and it gives you the opportunity to make your dream décor. Stumped on what to sketch? We offer coloring canvases with the outlines ready to go! All you have to do is fill in the lines with your favorite shades. It’s easy, entertaining, and a great way to gain a new piece of art for your home. If you’re seeking ideas for pictures to hang on your wall, browse our various collections of wall art. Choose a piece to complement your art, or use a print as inspiration for your own creation!

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Tufted Lotus Flowers Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Canvas Photo Prints and More!

Whether you choose to create your own canvas or paint a one-of-a-kind piece yourself, this year is all about staying true to you and your creative vision. Embroider your own textiles and grow a garden full of rare flora. 2021 is the time to be unapologetic in your décor, and confident in your interior. Go full DIY or make one statement piece, but make sure to have fun!

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