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With Easter, comes the excitement of holiday-inspired decoration! Easter decoration is a great way to bring joy to your home and spend quality time with your family.
From dying eggs to making splendid baskets, there are many reasons to grab your DIY craft kit and decorate your home for this lovely spring holiday.
Check out these easy Easter decoration ideas to give a whimsical touch to your Easter celebration.

Easter Egg Tree

Easter egg trees are gaining popularity as they make the prettiest table decoration. The tradition of decorating tree branches with cute-looking Easter eggs is coming back. The tree makes a wonderful spring centerpiece or can also brighten up an otherwise dull corner in your room.
To make the tree, gather branches from your yard or a local florist. You can use pussy willow, cherry blossom, dogwood, and magnolia. Place the branch in a heavy decorative vase. For eggs, you can use lightweight faux craft eggs or blown-out eggs. Now, take a 20-inch thin ribbon and use hot glue to attach the egg’s bottom to the midpoint of the ribbon. Wrap the egg in the ribbon and attach it to the egg’s top with hot glue. Once it gets dried, tie all eggs onto the branches and cut down the excess ribbon.

easter eggs tree 

Threaded Grapevine Wreath

Wrap your ordinary grapevine wreath in colorful embroidery thread to make it look stunning. Add movement and life to this door decoration using suspended wooden eggs right in the middle. Use the hot glue to fix the thread to the back and tie it in place.

Easter wreath

Paper Blooms

Let the beauty of spring enter your home with lovely dainty paper blooms. The best part is these blooms will last the whole season.
You can easily DIY oversized flowers to make beautiful wall decor or a lovely centerpiece. Alternatively, you can opt for a bunch to create a backdrop for the celebration. To make paper blooms, fold dyed or colored cupcakes liners in half. Now, cut out fringe and petal shapes. Take a piece of floral, and fold it in half and twist around the faux flower stamen. Poke the wire in the center of four paper liners. Wrap floral tape around the liners’ base and continue wrapping down the stem.

diy easter decorations

Napkin Bunny Ears

A fascinating thing about Easter decoration is its wide variety. When it comes to your dinner table, you can decorate it with DIY napkin bunny ears. 
You can keep them bold or elegant and subtle. There are many creative options here, like in the picture below. Or, you can use pipe cleaners, it's really easy! Fold the napkin in half and create a triangle. Now, roll it into a long strip and once again, fold it in half. Now, thread a six-inch pipe cleaner through a bead to secure it around the napkin. Take three 3-inch pipe cleaners and insert them through the beads as whiskers.

 Bunny napkin easter

Beautiful Wall Art

Looking for an easy but wonderful effect? Invest in lovely wall art to beautify your Easter decoration instantly. Our Gather multi-panel wall art is perfect for your Easter dining room! 

Easter gather canvas wall art

Wrapping Up

Follow these easy Easter decoration ideas to add a festive spirit to your space. These ideas are easy, wonderful and cost-effective, requiring fewer efforts.

We hope you have a beautiful holiday! Happy Easter from all of us at ElephantStock!



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