Easter is right around the corner, which means there’s no time like the present to start incorporating spring décor. Get your home ready to celebrate this special holiday with your loved ones. From pastel wall art to DIY Easter decorations, there are endless ways to add spring-themed design ideas. Check out our top 5 Easter décor ideas for a lighter and brighter interior!

A Classic Easter Egg Tree

Easter eggs trees are undoubtedly one of the most popular seasonal decorating ideas. They make for a stunning centerpiece, and they’re super easy to make! All you have to do is gather branches from your yard or your local florist. Some of our top picks include pussy willow, cherry blossom, dogwood, and magnolia. One you’ve placed the branches in a decorative vase, you’re ready to decorate! Use lightweight craft eggs or blown-out eggs. Paint the eggs with colorful designs and patterns, and use hot glue to attach a ribbon to the top of each egg. You can use common thread to attach your beautiful creations to the branches.

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Cute Easter Decorating Ideas

Seasonal Spring Décor

Wreaths aren’t just for winter anymore. A spring-inspired wreath can transform your home in the blink of an eye. You can purchase a pastel-tinted wreath and add your own faux-eggs, or you can craft a wreath from scratch. Use pliable grapevines to weave a classic wreath, and add fabric flowers for a piece of décor you can use over and over again. Glue wooden eggs to the branches as an Easter-themed finishing touch.

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Cute Easter Decorating Ideas

More Egg-Themed Ideas

There is a plethora of popular Easter egg crafts to explore. You can dye eggs with traditional food coloring, or go for an organic look with pressed flowers and botanical extracts. Place a bowl of eggs on your dining table as a centerpiece, or hide them around your home for a classic Easter egg hunt. If you really want to commit to the spring spirit, consider hanging a piece of wall art that celebrates this colorful holiday.

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Easter Dalmatian Puppy Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Ear-ristible Bunny Napkins

For our final egg-related tip, tie napkins around your decorative eggs for an adorable, bunny-ear look. These make for eye-catching accessories on the dining room table. You can make them bold and bright or elegant and subtle, depending on your napkin of choice. First, fold the napkin in half to create a triangle. Next, thread a 6” pipe cleaner through a bead and secure it around the napkin. If you want to add a little something extra, take three 3” pipe cleaners and insert them through the beads to make whiskers.

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Cute Easter Decorating Ideas

Family-Inspired Wall Art

If you’re lucky enough to get together with friends and family this Easter season, show your love for those who matter most. Even if you’re opting for a socially-distanced gathering, you can still show your appreciation for your inner circle. Hang a piece of wall art with warm, welcoming typography. Whether you hang it over your dining room table or in the background of your zoom screen, a simple word can radiate gratitude and community.

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Easter gather canvas wall art

Easter Decorations & Beyond

These Easter ideas can instantly take your space to the next level. Revel in the springtime spirit, and fill your home with festive decorations. There are plenty of easy, inexpensive ways to incorporate Easter décor ideas.

We hope you have a beautiful holiday! Happy Easter from all of us at ElephantStock!

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