Discover the Magic of Spiritual Mandala Wall Art

Enhance your home with a stunning spiritual print. Mandalas have appeared throughout the history of various Eastern religions. They are a symbol of spiritual guidance, and mandalas are excellent if you want to create a sacred, positive space. Not only can they promote peace and internal growth, but they also make stunning décor. These ancient patterns can elevate your living space in the blink of an eye. We’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to incorporate beautiful mandala wall art throughout your home. Follow these expert tips to learn how to decorate with mandala-inspired artwork.

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A Vibrant Trio

A Sunny Symbol

Earthy Neutrals

Floral & Enlightening

A Psychedelic Twist

More Mandala Ideas

A Vibrant Trio

Opt for a three-panel piece of mandala wall art. The number “three” is historically divine. Hang your set in a highly visible area, and go with a vivid color scheme. Use the colors within the mandala artwork to decorate your home. Start with a neutral background, and add pops of color to tie in your new print. This multi-panel layout will also add a modern touch to your space. The traditional nature of the mandala will create a stunning juxtaposition with the contemporary panels. You can’t go wrong with the “rule of three.”

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A Sunny Symbol

Celebrate your spiritual journey with a bright, sunny symbol. A gold or yellow-toned mandala acts as a beautiful statement piece, and it’s a great way to promote joy. If your goal is to make your space feel more welcoming, yellow and gold are the ultimate vibrant combo. These warm colors will instantly boost your mood and appeal to your guests. Let your mandala artwork act as the statement piece, and keep your surrounding décor light and natural.

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Earthy Neutrals

Combine these heavenly symbols with a grounded color palette. This juxtaposition between transcendence and earthy tones is ideal for a modern living space. The neutral color palette of your mandala will allow you to go big with your décor. An oversized mandala print is perfect above an expansive sofa. Connect with nature and include forest greens and stony shades. Add natural greenery in your home to emphasize the organic look.

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Floral & Enlightening

Combine two iconic spiritual symbols, the mandala and the lotus flower. Adding a soft floral touch to your interior is a great way to create a delicate atmosphere. The lotus flower symbolizes enlightenment and rebirth, so it’s an excellent choice if your goal is to create a fresh start. Breathe new life into your interior with a mandala-lotus print, and accessorize with royal jewel tones. These luxurious colors will heighten the mystical appearance of the mandala, as well as create an opulent feel in your room.

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A Psychedelic Twist

You don’t have to stick to earthy tones and neutrals to incorporate a spiritual print. For a more abstract take on the trend, try a psychedelic mandala! A rainbow mandala is a great choice for a bohemian interior. Because of the multi-colored appearance, this free-spirited look will match almost any existing décor. If your goal is to create a more playful atmosphere, this is the print for you!

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Spiritual Room Ideas

If you haven’t seen your dream mandala, view our entire mandala collection. We offer a variety of colors, concepts, and layouts to suit your unique vision. For more décor and design ideas, check out our inspiration blog. Full of expert advice and trending topics, let us guide you on your interior makeover journey!

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