Explore East Asian-Inspired Décor

While interior styles vary by country, there are some design elements that are used throughout Eastern Asia. Get inspired by Chinese opulence or Japanese minimalism, and find wall art to match. It is exciting to explore décor trends from different regions, and equally fascinating to find the chic commonalities between countries. Whether you want to transform your space into a serene oasis, or you just want to incorporate East Asian elements, we’ve created a list of the easiest ways to explore this timeless style.

Wood from Light to Dark

Wood is a common material used throughout East Asian households. Japanese modernism tends to favor light woods, whereas Chinese décor is known for deep, lacquered finishes. In East Asian decorating, wood is not simply a building block for everyday furniture – it is a focal point. From glossy hardwood floors, to ceilings with exposed beams, this well-loved material should be used from top to bottom throughout your home. Look for wood paneling with intricate details to capture this ornate-meets-natural look.

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East Asian-Inspired Décor

Rich Red Tones

It is well known that red represents prosperity in Chinese culture, but it is also used to elevate interiors in several East Asian countries. With a heavy focus on organic design, red is a notable exception to the ever-present neutral tones. This striking shade is used to break up the tranquility and add a touch of vitality. In a room full of predominantly earthy colors, a pop of red can make your space look regal and full of life.

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A Nod to Nature

Now that we’ve established that natural finishes and shades play such a big role in East Asian interiors, it’s time to add more earth-inspired décor! Houseplants are used to add a vibrant hint of green without overpowering the serene space. Explore indigenous Asian plants like the classic money tree and the Chinese fan palm. Set a bonsai tree on your desk, and fill your bathroom with bamboo. For a calming bedroom idea, add lotus-inspired details as a symbol for enlightenment.

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Green Bamboo Fence Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Spatial Awareness

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that promotes the proper flow of energy. Arrange your furniture according to Feng Shui to create a sense of balance and harmony. For example, if you're looking for calming bedroom ideas, avoid storing items under your bed. Japan also utilizes spatial awareness through the application of minimalism. Most countries in East Asia tend to favor furniture that is low to the ground with clean lines. Maximize natural light wherever possible, and avoid clutter at all costs.

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East Asian-Inspired Décor

Flecks of Gold

To prevent your space from looking cold, use gold as a warm accent shade. A hint of gold is regal without being flashy, and it can make any space look luxurious. As long as you stick to a minimalist atmosphere, gold will enhance rather than compete. For a subtler approach, you can also choose a rug with gold fibers woven in.

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East Asian Decorating Ideas

East Asian decor has been highly influential throughout the history of design. Whether you’ve fallen in love with gilded details or organic minimalism, there are plenty of intriguing elements of Eastern décor. Remember, if you want to create a truly authentic East Asian home, don’t forget to take off your shoes!

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