Top 10 Picasso Most Famous Paintings

Pablo Picasso is one of the most illustrious contributors to the history of modern art. A true visionary, he coined several iconic styles and helped build the abstract art world as we know it. While he is responsible for countless famous works of art, we’ve rounded up ten of his most recognizable pieces. From the blue period to the dawn of cubism, discover our top Picasso wall art picks.

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The Old Guitarist

Arguably Picasso’s most famous piece, The Old Guitarist was painted during Picasso’s famous blue period. The melancholy energy of this painting radiates off the image. It was originally painted with oil paint in his Barcelona studio between 1903-1904. The suicide of a close friend influenced his paintings during this period, resulting in a cool-toned collection. There is also more than meets the eye behind this remarkable work of art. Several professional x-rays and infrared images revealed three distinct figures hidden behind the guitarist. This mysterious piece is memorable for its visible emotion and melodic curves.

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picasso most famous painting

Girl with a Mandolin

Pablo Picasso became famous for his cubism, and Girl with a Mandolin was one of his first forays into the style. In fact, he considered this painting unfinished. It allows us to see one of his paintings in progress. Even though he intended to paint more layers, the piece is already filled with stunning detail. This painting would set the stage for the next era of Picasso’s art.

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pablo picasso most famous art

Les Demoiselles D'Avignon

Les Demoiselles D'Avignon translates to The Young Ladies of Avignon. This daring and risqué piece depicts five French women at a brothel in Barcelona. At first glance, it’s difficult to tell that the figures are female. In fact, two of the figures are wearing masks. This display of raw, androgynous figures and pinkish nude tones creates a memorable scene. It was highly controversial at the time, but now stands as one of Picasso’s most recognizable works of art.

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pablo picasso most famous painting

The Dream 1932

The Dream, or Le Rêve, is one of Picasso’s most vibrant works. This painting depicts his 22-year-old mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter. It has several hidden details that are sensual and suggestive. The bright, playful colors make this piece stand out among his vast catalog of work. The original print last sold at an auction for $155 million, which labels it as one of the most expensive paintings every sold in the history of art collecting. If you choose to hang this fine art print on your wall, you have very expensive taste!

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Portrait of Dora Maar

Widely considered one of Picasso’s greatest masterpieces, this abstract oil painting showcases Picasso’s longtime lover, Dora Maar. She was a photographer, painter, and poet in her own right – aside from being one of Picasso’s biggest muses. This painting is a brilliant representation of his mastery of surrealism. Fascinated with the turmoil within the female mind, Picasso wanted this portrait to represent psychological torment. The result is experimental and striking.

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Boy Leading a Horse

Boy Leading a Horse, or Jeune Garçon au Cheval, was painted during Picasso’s Rose Period. This famous painting was actually a part of a larger work of art that Picasso never fully finished. Picasso was not yet wildly successful at the time, struggling to make a living in Paris. There are notable influences from both El Greco and Cézanne. The subdued tones allow the figures to stand out in this monochromatic masterpiece.

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Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler

Another cubist piece, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler by Picasso is an abstract portrait of the famous art dealer. Kahnweiler was a significant supporter of the cubist art movement, and he inspired Picasso to explore the style. Picasso met Kahnweiler when he was at one of his lowest moments, and Kahnweiler helped pull him out of depression and get him excited about painting again. This dynamic piece is endearing in its origin story and stunning in its final form.

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Self-Portrait 1901

Picasso painted several self-portraits over the years, but his piece in 1901 is undoubtedly one of his most memorable. Created during his Blue Period, this portrait is notably despondent – but not without depth. The radiant, blue light shines over the entire figure and face. Although it has classical elements, it also leans modernist with the color palette and facial composition. This piece is a great way to add a pop of color to your space that still has the sincerity of fine art.  

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Self-Portrait 1907

Another self-portrait, this piece is strikingly different than Picasso’s portrait in 1901. Picasso was inspired by the features of African masks, and utilized angular lines to mimic the look of wood carvings. It almost has some elements that echo Modigliani’s future portraits of Picasso himself. Our designers recommend hanging different Picasso portraits throughout your home to create a dynamic visual story.

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Young Acrobat Balancing on a Ball

Last but not least, we’ve chosen to highlight Young Acrobat Balancing on a Ball. This painting is also known as Girl on a Ball. Although it was painted during Picasso’s Rose Period, it includes a lot of cool tones that were still lingering from his Blue Period. During this time, Picasso was heavily inspired by the imagery of a traveling circus. Some refer to this specific period as his Circus Period.

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pablo picasso most famous paintings

Adorn Your Home with Picasso’s Most Famous Paintings

We create high-quality prints of famous works of fine art so you can enjoy these masterpieces from the comfort of your own home. If you feel particularly inspired by one of Picasso’s most famous paintings, bring it home with you! You can’t go wrong with well-known artwork. After all, it’s famous for a reason. We adore Picasso’s work from every period, but each era of his work resonates with different viewers. His mastery of several styles is both impressive and enduring. From his groundbreaking Cubist compositions to his vibrant and expressive Surrealist pieces, Picasso's art continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. His ability to innovate and evolve throughout his career is a testament to his enduring legacy in the art world.

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