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Picasso is undoubtedly the master of abstraction. Originally born in Spain, Picasso spent most of his life in France where he changed the face of 20th century fine art. We’re endlessly inspired by Picasso’s unique eye for color, shapes, and unexpected compositions. His work will undoubtedly endure the test of time, which makes it the perfect option to hang in your home. If you’re searching for an abstract print that will never go out of style, consider Picasso. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite Picasso (and Picasso-style) prints to give you some instant inspiration. No matter your existing interior design, Picasso will fit seamlessly into your home. That’s the beauty of abstract art! It bridges the gap between classic and contemporary, with a color palette that will suit any space.

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Moody Abstract Interior Design

While Picasso did some brightly-colored pieces, he was also known to explore darker themes. Picasso’s work tended to reflect the mood of the world around him. During the Blue Period, his work was much more melancholy due to the recent death of a close friend. He had also recently moved to Paris and not yet found his footing in his new home. The Guitarist is the epitome of his most moving work during this defining period. Hang a piece of artwork from Picasso’s Blue Period if you’re looking for something moody and unexpected. Any modern interior would benefit from one of these layered, emotionally driven pieces.

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A Softer Side to Picasso’s Abstract Paintings

After the Blue Period, Picasso moved into what is known as the Rose Period. In contrast to the cooler-toned Blue Period, the Rose period was defined by warmer, earthy tones. His color palette from 1904-1906 included vibrant splashes of orange and pink. By this time, he had settled into the bohemian neighborhood of Montmartre, where he met several other iconic artists. Our printed version of his Maternity piece is a stunning tribute to the softness of motherhood. If you’re in love with the idea of abstract interior design, but you’re looking for a gentler approach, try a print from Picasso’s Rose Period.

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Geometric Picasso Abstract Art Ideas

Between 1909 and 1912 Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque simultaneously shaped the artistic style of Cubism. While Braque tended to paint more recognizable subjects, Picasso took a more abstract stance on cubist art. He used monochromatic color schemes that included colors like ochre, grey, taupe, and pale blue. The subjects in his paintings were more conceptual and harder to define. The beauty of Picasso’s cubism is that it will instantly elevate your interior, while still blending with your current decor. Plus, an abstract Picasso will act as a stunning conversation piece.

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add abstract art to your interior design with picasso art

An Homage to Abstraction by Picasso

At ElephantStock, we host the work of several up-and-coming abstract artists! It’s no surprise that many modern artists today are heavily inspired by Picasso’s work. Consider hanging an homage to Picasso in your home. Fine artist John Nolan has won several prestigious awards for his vibrant, abstract-style paintings. He specialized in brightly-colored acrylic pieces. Picasso is one of his biggest influences, as evident in our preview below. The Dublin-raised artist had the distinguished honor of representing Ireland at the Biennale Internazionale Dell' Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy in 2003. Choose one of his stunning abstract prints for your contemporary interior.

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More Abstract Home Decor Ideas

It would be impossible to summarize Picasso’s influence on the modern art world in a single article. The prints pictured above are just a few of his iconic pieces to consider hanging in your home. For more interior design tips and tricks, visit our inspiration blog. We highlight the top interior design trends to make it super easy for you to keep up with the ever-changing styles. If you’re looking for an easy way to transform your interior without breaking the bank, consider high-quality wall art. Canvas prints and framed artwork can give your home a whole new look in the blink of an eye. Happy decorating!

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