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Lisa Marie Kindley's artistic journey began amidst the serene landscapes of Oregon, where she found inspiration in the blend of art and nature. What sets Kindley apart is her unmistakable style, which leaves a lasting impression of serenity and whimsy. Her work possesses a transcendent quality that resonates deeply with onlookers, characterized by a delicate blend of soft hues and dynamic imagery.

A Modern Romantic

Within her unique repertoire, she uses a variety of mediums, including acrylic paints, pastels, glazes, and dry pigments. While her earlier career saw her creating bespoke works for interior designers and homeowners, it was in 2010 that she embarked on a journey to explore her own creative vision, which she terms "modern romantic."

Her enchanting compositions transport viewers into fanciful nature scenes permeated with an ethereal charm. Kindley's mastery lies in her ability to craft captivating pieces that evoke the essence of a visual fairytale.

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The Beauty of All Things

To Kindley, art is not only the process of “making”. It is also a way of living, intensely observing, and experiencing the natural world. She seeks to expand the human experience through imagination and creativity. She shares,  “I think of my paintings as poems, evoking a mood, a memory, a dream, that is too magical to be captured in any literal way. I would like to leave a trail of beauty behind me....”

The biggest piece of advice she has been given is, "Don't postpone joy".

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Painted Tapestries

Lisa Marie Kindley's creations are often likened to "painted tapestries," because they possess a remarkable quality that suggests intricate designs woven into the canvas itself. Drawing from a diverse array of artistic inspirations, she credits the influences of Odilon Redon, Henri Rousseau, Japanese Rinpa artists, Chinoiserie wallpaper, as well as Roman frescoes.

Kindley's work exudes a sense of traditional romanticism fused with contemporary flair. She works predominantly on a large scale, often on unstretched canvas. Kindley masterfully crafts pieces that evoke the timeless allure of European frescoes while infusing them with the whimsical charm of fairytales. Through her art, Lisa Marie Kindley invites viewers into a world where the boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred.

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The Flora, the Fauna, and the Future

In Lisa Marie Kindley's artistic world, nature reigns supreme, serving as the focal point of her creative expression. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of earthly wonders that surround her, Kindley's work is a testament to her deep reverence for the natural world.

Relocating to Northern New Mexico in 2020 marked a new chapter in her artistic journey. She found herself immersed in the ever-changing seasons, the vibrant hues of the landscape, and the diverse array of flora and fauna native to the region. These elements have begun to weave their way into her paintings, creating a delicate yet profound sense of connection to the environment.

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A Lisa Marie Kindley Print in Your Home

Having studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Kindley has gone on to garner countless impressive accolades. She has participated in several group exhibitions and art fairs including the La Quinta Arts Festival, Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival, King's Mountain Art Fair, and Palo Alto Festival of the Arts.
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