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An internationally-renowned photographer with a vast portfolio, Scott Stulberg is an integral contributor to our collection. His work is recognizable for its extraordinarily sharp images and vibrant contrast. From lush landscapes to city skylines, he captures eye-catching scenes around the world. He has a knack for shooting cinematic views and emotional imagery. He has said that the camera is an extension of his eye, and he seeks to capture unforgettable moments.

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An Instant Love for the Craft

Stulberg’s love for photography began as a child after his father gifted him his first film camera. When he was 13, his parents built a makeshift dark room in their basement, sparking his passion for the art form. Although he primarily shoots digital photos today, he credits the countless hours spent developing photos underground as the genesis of his inspiration. This experience also taught him that photography is more than talking about pixels. He believes it is about having the vision, ideas and the willingness to allow your imagination to soar.

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A Global Endeavor

One of the most striking qualities of Stulberg’s collection is the widespread landscape. He is primarily a travel photographer, using his unique eye for composition to capture spectacular scenes across the world. He began traveling the world at only 14 years old. His international travels motivated him to capture beautiful moments in time. Scott shares, “Sometimes I am spellbound in front of the most stunning site and I am so thankful that photography found me at such an early age.” He has lived in Los Angeles, Israel, and currently resides in Sedona. His portfolio includes images from the streets of Paris to the great redwood forests – and beyond. Although his subject matter is varied, each piece retains a distinct sense of grandeur and awe.

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The Method to Mastery

Stulberg believes in staying true to what you love while always seeking a new and different approach. Since the 90s, he has been using Photoshop as a tool to enhance his already spectacular photography. His greatest artistic influences include Melvin Sokolsky, Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, and more. Outside of photography, his passions include fitness, landscape design, biking, and teaching at UCLA.

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Beyond Ordinary Achievements

It’s nearly impossible to list all of Scott’s accolades. His work has been exhibited internationally and he has been the recipient of several prestigious awards. However, winning prizes isn’t his primary motivator. He feels particularly honored to have his work exhibited in the United Nations as well as on several billboards. His true goal is to capture images that look as realistic as possible, while portraying the world as beautifully as one can do.

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His Best-Selling Work on ElephantStock

There’s something particularly special about Stulberg’s nature scenes, as is evident by our best-selling prints. Our customers have fallen in love with his organic landscapes and photographs of national parks. The rich green hues and almost unfathomably clear details create a truly memorable piece of wall art. Stulberg strikes the perfect balance between appealing to the masses and maintaining a unique vision.  

Five of his best-selling pieces, pictured in this article, are:

- The View by Heceta Lighthouse in Yachats

- Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine at Sunrise

- Milky Way Panorama Over Sedona Arizona

- The Gorgeous Grand Tetons

- Amazing Lightning Over the Grand Canyon

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Scott Stulberg Photography in Your Home

Scott Stulberg stands as a visionary whose lens has traversed the globe, capturing moments that resonate with viewers on a deeply emotive level. With a career spanning decades, his unique journey exemplifies a profound dedication to his craft. From the winding streets of international cities to the serenity of untouched landscapes, Stulberg's portfolio is a testament to the beauty and diversity of our world. Adding a Stulberg print to your home can totally transform your space. Explore our practically endless assortment of over 700 prints by Scott Stulberg and find your perfect piece of wall art.  

“The beauty of art is like the magic of a moving song. You can feel it deep in your soul. I strive to give others the feeling that I try to capture.”

-Scott Stulberg

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